Asteroid Blues


No trespassing allowed on the Japanese Bottom! Part 3

Lion Tremere
VS Ariadna

"No trespassing allowed on the Japanese Bottom! Part 3", Lion Tremere (Tohaa) vs gato_blanco (MRRF), 06.10.2019

There will be a nice short story here one day.


Tohaa forces:
Group one:
1. Defensive triad with Gao-Rael sniper, Kaeltar with symbiomates and Sukeul HMG
2. Attacking triad with Draal AP marksman rifle, Kamael and Makaul
3. Liberto SMG
4. Clipsos FO
5. Two Chaksa Auxiliars with heavy flamethrowers

Group two:
6. Rasail Lieutenant with Chaksa
7. Sakiel with the viral combi, Kamael paramedic, Makaul
8. Esteemed Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate 'Diplomat-chan'


MRRF deployment

Tohaa deployment

Designated Target indicated by a dice

Tohaa turn 1

Draal pushed forward, stratocloud breezing around him. He fired his AP marksman rifle at the closest Briscard, but he survived and ducked in total cover. After a few pot-shots at the far-away Briscard Draal get lucky and puts him, down. With the remaining orders, Draal activated the console to discover one of the decoys and the whole Triad went back to a defensive position in the anticipation of a Chasseur's burning vengeance.

Rasail Datatracker rushed on the left flank and turned the corner to shot down and incinerate a poor Margot datatracker. With his last order Rasail went into a suppression fire mode.

Ignore Chaksa, he obviously can't be in the Suppression with his pistol

MRRF trun 1

It's time for some mean bad wolf to descend from the skies on his hapless prey. Liberto in the distance tried to warn his friends by firing a highly explosive DEP round at the wolfie, but whiffed the shot. Duroc chowed a Chaksa before the eyes of his frightened Rasail master.

Now it's time for a Chasseur to revenge Margot! She put down a mine and then blasted her rifle at the Draal and Makaul. Both this trident soldiers went down in the following firefight.

You can see a cute pony-tail of this deadly warrior peeking from the corner.

Briscards paramedic mercifully put out one of his friends out of misery. Then Briscard sniper lost a duel with a Gao-Rael and went down too. Finally, another Chasseur moved to secure the middle zone.

Tohaa turn 2

Sukeul was feeling lucky and fired his HMG at the Briscard Heavy rocket launcher. Bus as usual fire proved to be the worst Tohaa enemy with Sukeul completely losing the duel and burning down and only Gao-Rael was lucky enough to be outside of the raging fires.

Sakiel and his Triad decided to abandon their guard post at the real Designated Target and pushed on the right flank. Kamael-paramedic was lucky enough to discover the Chasseur in the middle and then Sakiel finished him off with a viral combi. Kamael then discovered the MRRF's real target and Sakiel killed her too.

Clipsos-chan moved silently in her transparent cloak to surprise the Chasseur-chan with her combi. After finishing with the Chasseur Clipsos unsuccessfully fired a few times at the Briscard and went into a suppression fire with her Liberto friend.

MRRF turn 2

Wolfie made a few bite attempts, chewing through Rasail's symbiont armor. Briscard HRL fired his deadly projectiles at the Gao-Rael. Sniper managed to tank the fierce fires with his armor but couldn't handle the pressure and went into cover. Briscard HRL next target is humbly Makaul. But brave Trident soldier were high on Socar and easily dispatched his enemy with a lucky pistol shot. But his happiness was short-lived. Another Bricard easily gunned down both Makaul and his Kamael buddy and then revived a fallen Briscard HRL with a lucky medshot. Third Chasseur moved up and easily shot down lonely Sakiel, completely wiping out Tohaa's right flank.

Tohaa turn 3

Last turn for Tohaa!
Gao-Rael mustered his courage to stand up and shoot at the Bricard HRL, but failed and went down.

Clipsos moved forward, blasting down two briscards from the veil of her TO-camo. She then went in the suppression fire right in the middle.

MRRF turn 3

Duroc finally managed to chew down the poor Rasail, killing Tohaa's datatracker.

Chasseur moved from the shadows, placed a suspicious tree branch, that turned out to be a mine! Clipsos were too surprised by this discovery and followed flamethrower burned her down. Last Chasseur pressed the console to discover the Designated Target, safely far away from MRRF forces, who already burned out of orders.

Tohaa vs MRRF 6:0

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