Asteroid Blues


"Some deep-fried artichokes, mon ami?"

Lion Tremere
VS Ariadna

"Some deep-fried artichokes, mon ami?" Lion Tremere (Tohaa) vs gato_blanco (MRRF), 29.09.2019

"Force de Reponse Rapide Morovingienne never gives up, when it founds its prey!" boldly claimed a cute blonde MRRF officer Margot.
Lion Tremere was not aware that deep-fried artichokes were that much of an important part of the French cuisine, but how can he turn down such a cute war declaration?


Tohaa forces:
Group one:
1.Defensive triad with Gao-Rael sniper, Kaeltar with symbiomates and Taagma posing as a Sukeul missile launcher just to mess a bit with the opponent.
2. Attacking triad with Sukeul HMG, Hatail Aelis Keesan Sensor-KHD and a Makaul
3. Liberto minelayer
4. Draal SMG minelayer
5. Two Chaksa Auxiliars with heavy flamethrowers

Group two:
6. Clipsos minelayer
7. Leuty's retinue triad: Sakiel Leutenant with the viral combi, Kamael paramedic, Kriigel SMG a.k.a. 'Living Jammer'.
8. Esteemed Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate 'Diplomat-chan'

I apologize for the amount of unpainted models and proxies. I've just received Spiral Corps box and will try to paint them asap.
MRRF forces


MRRF turn 1

Merovingian forces shall not sit idly in the presence of the alien threat!
Durac jumped on the rooftop to assess the situation. He started on the ground as airdrop would be too dangerous as both flanks are secured with some deadly viral or breaker guns.
Briscards sniper activates and easily overpowered a Gao-Rael in a sniper duel with the power of five-man linkteam. One of the Chasseurs used her d-charge to blast open an Armory door. She looted the panoplies for the light grenade launcher and took a defensive position on the corner of the Armory with another Chasseur, ready to warm Tohaa-Ariadna relations with some flamethrowers.

Tohaa turn 1

Libertos fired his chain-colt in the intuitive attack on the infiltrated enemy camo-marker. It turned out to be a metro who fired his pistol in the retaliation. In the followed firefight Metro went unconscious and Libertos was gravely wounded.
Sukeul attack-triad went on the offensive, Aelis Keesan used her sensor to strip both Chasseurs inside if the Armory from their camouflage. Then she opened the doors of the armory, and on the next order Makaul went inside and fired his heavy flamethrower. Firing it in the enclosed area packed with explosives might not be the greatest idea, but Makeul is impetuous, he doesn't care about the small things. Unfortunately, both chasseurs evaded the flames. Clipsos-chan from the second group went to the armory and shoot down one of the Chasseurs with her combi rifle and placed a mine near the second one. Aelis Keesan moved forward and fired her deadly viral rounds point-blank in the Duracs furry back. Duroc tried to dodge to safety but was too slow and viral rounds put him down. A hidden Chasseur fired his flamehrower on the Aelis Keesan in the retaliation and deep-fired her on the spot.

MRRF turn 2

Chasseur continued his assault and blasted Makaul with his rifle.
Briscards marched forward to bring down all their fury on the... camo marker! The first one tried to discover a mine but got blinded in a process. Second Briscard got critically blinded by the Diplmat-chan, protecting her dear mine. But the third Briscard successfully fired his HRL to fire both Diplomat and a mine. Briscard-paramedic annoyingly brought an unconscious Chasseur back to life with a well-aimed med-shots. Two Briscard went inside of the armory and one of them fired his assault pistol on the Sukeul. But Trident Soldier miraculously critted back with his single breaker pistol shot. Margot air-dropped at the back of the french lines, ready to avenge her unlucky partner.
Chasseur moved around the corner to lay a mine beside the deadly Sukeul. With a command token two Chasseurs re-camouflaged.

Tohaa turn 2

Sakiel and his special triad moved forward, discovered a mine near the Sukeul's position. In the next order, Sakiel declared a discover on the camouflaged Chasseur behind the mine. French soldier tried to dodge, but Sakiels shot were too fast, killing a Chasseur and destroying a mine. Clipsos-chan tried to finish the job she started and fired upon a revived Chasseur in the Armory. He returned the kindness with his flamethrower and went back to the unconscious nap.
Draal rushed forward, his stratocloud flowing around him. He easily crushed two briscards with his SMG shots but soon run out of orders and went in the suppression fire mode with a nearby Sukeul.

MRRF turn 3

Last turn of the French assault. Last survived Chasseur crossed the Armory, critically dodging the mine on the way. He packed a wall away from the Chasseur and put a mine of his own in front. One of two survived Briscards tried to shoot down the Draal, but couldn't overcome the overwhelming firepower.
Margot went forward, ready to prove that she is the best (and priciest) MRRF Heavy Soldier. She tried to shoot the Draal from the long-range, forcing him to drop his suppression, lose a pokemon and dodge away behind the corner. Last Briscard took a position inside the Armory with his lieutenant order.

Tohaa turn 3

Sakiel and his special triad moved closer to the armory and Sakiel managed to find a sliver of a LoS towards the Briscard, gunning him down in a lieutenants duel. With his last order, Sakiel bravely runs inside of the armory, triggering a mine a and dying in a flamethrower fire. Now it's a Draal who must save a day for the Tohaa. He cautiously moved around the Armory. He had to abandon cover to be outside of a flamethrower range, but in the following shoot-out Chasseur won and dropped Draal's symbiont-armor. Trident Sentinels decided to be extra safe with this mission and a Chaksa moved from his secure position towards the Armory. On the last order, Draal and a Chaksa (baggage) both went inside of the Armory. Draal got flamethrowed on his way in. But Chaksa survived and claimed the Armory for Tohaa!

Tohaa vs MRRF
Survivors 170:72

I hope he a can forgive we for that trick with claiming an Armory with my last order.T__T

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