Asteroid Blues


No trespassing allowed on the Japanese Bottom! Part 1

Lion Tremere
VS Nomads

"No trespassing allowed on the Japanese Bottom! Part 1" Lion Tremere (Tohaa) vs dogrose78 (Nomads), 05.10.2019

There will be a nice short story here one day.


Tohaa forces:
Group one:
1. Defensive triad with Gao-Rael sniper, Kaeltar with symbiomates and Sukeul HMG
2. Attacking triad with Draal AP marksman rifle, Kamael and Makaul
3. Liberto SMG
4. Clipsos FO
5. Two Chaksa Auxiliars with heavy flamethrowers

Group two:
6. Rasail Lieutenant with Chaksa
7. Sakiel with the viral combi, Kamael paramedic, Makaul
8. Esteemed Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate 'Diplomat-chan'


Designated Target indicated by a dice

Tohaa turn 1

Draal strike squad rushed forward, wasting three orders to press the console and kill one of the enemy decoys. But finally, it's time to have some fun in the enemy deployment zone!
Draal put a mine and then turned the corner to see the Boarding Shotgun puppet first. Shotguns blast hit the by-standing Makaul and thrown him against the wall. Mine detonated and covered the whole Puppetactica team, Clockmaker and Kriza Borak. But luck was on the Nomads side and everyone managed to dodge away or tank an armor save. Only Kriza lost a wound and guts away in total cover and Puppets all degraded to the next level.
Draal used the same tactic with mine and a shoot-out, but now he had to face the whole Puppets squad as he decided to gun down Puppetmaster behind his puppets. Viral Pistol shots proved to be lethal to the puny human Puppetmaster, mine have killed Clockmaker and Draal managed to survive all three shots from the Puppets, only losing his symbiont armour in the process. Now Nomads lost their Datatracker (Puppetmaster), but Tohaa's own Datatracker Draal was one foot in the grave deep inside enemy half of the table.

Rasail team rushed forward, gunning down Kriza in the distance. Pokemon was lost in the first firefight, but then Rasail managed to crit down the Kriza and killed him for good with two more orders. With his last order Rasail went in the Suppression Fire mode.

Sorry, Chaksa obviously can't be in the Suppression with his pistol

Nomads Turn 1

Uberfall Kommando was hungry for blood, but they managed to restrain themselves with a regular order. Chimera then put up the eclipse smokescreen on top of the building. Then the whole team climbed down and used a series of eclipse grenades to create a smokescreen to cover their approach. Then Uberfall Kommando jumped on the poor Rasail from all sides and obliterated him with a single attack. They used two remaining orders to hide behind the tall building in the middle.

Securitate HMG stood up, easily blasting Sakiel with his overwhelming firepower. Then he killed the Diplomat-chan and went in the Suppression Fire.

Tohaa turn 2

Gao-Rael sniper forced Securitate HMG to drop his Suppression fire by shooting from a greater distance. Actually firing range is limited to 32" only, so Gao-Rael wouldn't be able to hit him anyway. but the threat was enough. Clipsos-chan used her surprise shot on the Securitate HMG, but he managed to survive and guts prone to the total cover. Clipsos them moved forward and shot down another Securitate, clearing the way towards Uberfall Kommando. She then placed a mine and moved towards the console, shooting at the Chimera. Uberfall decided to engage their foe, but mine was enough to knock out three pupniks and Chimera, leaving only one, now useless Pupnok in BtB with Clipsos. Clipsos then activated the console only to discover yet another Decoy. Tricky Nomads put their real designated target right in the middle in the open field!

Draal pushed back a bit, wishing for survival. He even placed a mine on the way. Kamael and Makaul from the second group moved closer to the middle.

Nomads turn 2

Securitate HMG stood up and blasted Kamael in the distance, who carelessly left his butt hanging around the corner. Then Jaguar used his panzerfaust to disintegrate Draal. He tried the same trick with the Gao-Rael sniper, but did not succeed. Securitate Paramedic then moved down to kill her unlucky friend.

Tohaa Turn 3

Last turn to discover and kill the real Target!
Kamael Paramedic used the last two orders from group two to move closer and then unsuccessfully pressed the console.
Clipsos moved forward, firing her trusty combi rifle on the Securitates and clearing the way towards the console. she then failed twice to press the button and only on the last order she managed to discover the Designated Target, but it's too late at this point.

Nomads turn 3

Moderator Paramedic claimed one of the consoles and discovered Tohaa's real Target safely tucked in the corner. Jaguar daringly moved closer but was easily gunned down by the sniper. With no way to reach the Target, we ended the game at this point.

Tohaa vs Nomads
Survivors 194:109

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