Asteroid Blues


Operation Safeguard

VS Nomads

First turn Nomads

The initial assault was spearheaded by the ironclad Kriza Borac Heavy Infantry. There was little subtlety in the Nomad approach as he moved down the street towards the PanOceanian troops hunkered down at the landing zone, intent on holding it at all costs.
Lieutenant Lundberg was following the enemy movement on his display. “Enemy Heavy Infantry inbound, central sector. Don’t fire until their intentions are absolutely clear. The human sphere is watching us” the Lieutenant said calmly yet conveying the severity of the situation.
The Nomads push up hard with the Kriza taking front and center and a fireteam lead by the traitorous Perseus headed towards the PanOceanian right flank.
The Nomads in their eagerness to engage the PanOceanians allowed the brash Kriza to overextend and after a short firefight which amounted to nothing but some scrapes on armor, found themselves vulnerable to a counter attack.

First turn PanOceania

With the initial assault weathered and the Nomad intentions clear, Lieutenant Lundberg called for the counter offensive.
The Kriza had found himself in a position isolated from his regiment and the Hyperpower intended to capitalize on that.
The fast moving Bulleteer Dronbot was sent forward to engage the kriza from the right and at optimal ranges. The ensuing firefight was relatively short as the ODD, spitfire armament and a bit of luck of swung the firefight in its favor despite the Kriza’s favorable bulk and power.
The Bulleteer then set up in a defensive position and readied its guns (suppressive fire).
Next the fusilier fireteam lead by an ORC moved their way up, ready to put an end to the Nomad agenda. The seasoned ORC trooper managed to get a glimpse of a blur in the distance only to discover it was the presence of a Heckler. Recognising the danger and potential fast pandas tech in the vicinity, the team stayed at a distance as the ORC aimed his Feuerbach at his foe. The resulting impact of the shots left little of the Heckler left  to be identified. All that was left to do now was find a defensive position and brace for the Nomad retaliation.

Second turn Nomads

With the Kriza having faced an untimely death it was time for the Securitates and Perseus to pull their weight. Perseus motioned for his men to move forward and head for their target – the fusilier combat team. They maneuvered around as to open fire from the fireteam’s left flank and hit them hard and fast. The Securitates brought their HMG to bear upon the fusiliers. The first salvo proved unsuccessful for either side but the second salvo was much more devestating as two proud fusiliers went down before the rest of the team could duck into cover. Things didn’t turn out much better for the Zulu Cobra who had reappeared in order to fend off the attacking Nomads, as she too was cut down by the onslaught of the HMG.
Things were looking grim for the PanOceanians but it wasn’t over yet as a Spektr appeared out of nowhere, mere feet away from the Bulleteer but safely behind cover. He creeped forward and placed a mine within spitting distance of the Bulleteer.

Second turn PanOceania

Things could have been better at this moment in time, but it’s what you do in the face of adversity that defines you, and the PanOceanian soldiers knew their duty. To defend the spaceport at all costs!
The Nomad fireteam had inflicted losses on the PanO soldiers but it was now within reah of the Kamau sniper who’d been biding his time. He got the go sign from Lundberg and made his way forward, using the terrain to his advantage and stay clear of any engagements until he was ready.
He managed to get into a position where he could just barely spot the former Myrmidon hiding behind cover. He took a deep breath, cleared his mind and as he exhaled, gently squeezed the trigger of his sniper. “Confirmed hit, sir.” the Kamau said tersly.
The ORC and his remaining fusiliers seized the moment to attack the Securitates head on and thanks to the armor of the ORC and the superior firepower of the Feuerbach, the PanOceanians came out on top.

Third turn Nomads

The Nomads appeared disorganised and desperate due to the losses inflicted upon them by the defending PanO forces, but they weren’t out of the fight just yet.
The Spektr having witnessed the deaths of his comrades decided that now was the time for action. Resources were low at this point but if he acted swiftly and with purpose he might inflict some damage on the PanOceanians.
That was the idea at least, however the PanOceanians managed to dodge into relative safety, avoiding the shotgun blasts in the process.

At this point all there was left to do for the PanO forces at the spaceport, was to round up the remaining aggressors, tend to the wounded and log it all.
Lundberg was satisfied with the performance of his men today, but lives were lost and there were people to inform. Today had only just begun.

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