Asteroid Blues


unexpected collision

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Yu Jing

lost wip roll the opponent chose the side, I go first
all the first move zhencha killed proxy mk5 (fo), minorly lit the antennas and laid D-chardge on the central antenna

the opponent’s first move - the proxy mk4 (hrl) tried to go to the armory center for a shot but got hit by HacTao (ml), got 1 wound and stopped, the antennas climbed on the right flank, the bots tried to break through on the left e / m but got stuck in markers put e / m pattern on haktao and sniper, haktao bts passed sniper no

second move
laid d-chardge on the distant central antenna, detonated, distant destroyed, central one wound, shone antennas, preparing for 3nd move, the opponent minorly moved the link, on the left flank destroyed the console and continued to fight with markers.
Somewhere during the round, the proxy got out. Mk2 killed the spekops and the sniper.

third move
the whole course killed the antennas, the hack tao and the lieutenant were directly involved
A total of 5 antennas were illuminated and destroyed, 6-4 in favor of YU JING


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Yu Jing