Asteroid Blues


I'm telling you...

VS Yu Jing
AJ Smooth

...Ariadna has some of the best beer...

Welcome friends, one and all to another edition of GINfinity! Where only the best, and most intense gameplay is recorded!

...thats a lie. Its mostly just drunken high-jinks.

Start of the game

Round One

Round Two

Round Three

I bet you were expecting a video!

Well. There won't be one! Again... I know. I am consistent... In the fact that I seem to drunkenly forget where the mic is on my phone, and so cover it with my fat fingers...

Something that I am working on... I promise.

So, anyway, in terms of what actually happened in Round Three, Andy was able to actually knock Iggy out, and so the pilot ejected, but not before knocking out one of his two TASTY BOX holders.
Which meant in the end, I was clear to use most of the orders that I had left to run Leila up the board to be able to HACK a guy and secure me one of my classified objectives.

At that point, the final score was in my favour, and the game was done since I went second, and so thats where the game ended.

Score: Haqqislam 2 - Yu Jing 1

At the end of the day, I think AJ's tactics were fairly solid. He took the initiative and forced me to come to him, but pushing his TAG forward and leaving it forward to contend with Iggy and an Ghulam missile launcher in my first active turn, lost him a lot of that initiative, and in essence, allowed me to get back into the game.

I feel that I would have been more likely to move Iggy up to the right side to fight his TAG otherwise, where it turns out that his assault hacker was hiding, and I think that would have gone much more worse for me if that had been the case.

In the end, I managed to claw the points back, and not suffering losses, meant that I kept orders to the end for Leila to get up and get me a sneaky Classified Objective.
That said, I was lucky that his hacker tried and failed for THREE orders to try and get classified objectives against my HVT, but failed due to dice rolls.
Again, it would have been a different game otherwise...

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