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EP3 - Rise of Chandra

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Lady Numiria
VS Combined Army

DISCLAIMER: due to actual Combined Army narrative extra-objective for phase 2, I had to protect three civilians this game, on top of usual objectives, hence why you'll see a bunch of them on table this time.

-start of comlog-

Here Lady Numiria, report OS2102+BRD, for Bureau Aegis views.

It's been days and our forces maintained Xaraks clear and free of any aliens presence (both "friends" and foes), or Haqqislamite forces. But that present day we received a distress call from one of the engineer's barracks that were along the fire control module. No other emergencies since the latest furrycon inside our B-4RN Office, so we decided to give it a look, leading it personally this time.

The full squad of our Cyberius TaskForce was here today, even including our Gamma Officer and myself. Unfortunately, because I had to leave early the briefing room to make my own way to the civilian's barracks, no groupshot today (but have a nice logo of our unit as a compensation).

The field seemed very strange and at peace, while our Officers decided to park most of the civilians near the north-watchtower, our local reporter interviewing them for her mayacast show.

In the meantime, our Gamma and Epsilon deployed on top of the buildings to look at this very empty field...

Then... we saw it! Shavastii!!! Two of their beasts tried to take out our most fierce fighters, but little savage creatures can't stand some seasoned Aristos (well even if our Varangian Deputy Valkyria had to be healed by our good drop doctor just after that).

Story will see unfortunately after that Hyppolyta injured and out of combat while trying to come closer to inspect the Taiga's body by some in-cover alien that was nearby.

A firing team stationned at the opposite side of the battlefield tried to take out our Epsilon, but he perfectly managed to destroy one of the ennemy drone, while clearing the other when he was given the chance to answer these shots.

The ennemy spawned some reinforcements from some durian containers that were stationned in the barracks, and took control of two of radio-transmitters, a threat that will be managed by our previously beaten-up by furries Sirius Officer: Chandra!

Such excitment outdoors made one of the civilian to go out to look for help, just enough to be shot by the seed-soldier just in front of him.

It was the perfect occasion for one of the ennemy sniper to shoot down our Epsilon, who was enthousiasticly looking for who spoke about videogames...

The Gamma followed shortly after in an attempt to avenge his sunbro.

But the real human warrior was here all along, and decided to face her worst ennemy face-to-face...

Not only she managed to face the seed-soldiers, but her dog assistant also managed to distract the Caliban behind her.

She litteraly took a dozen of point-blank shots from her ennemies and still stand proud, as any O-12 Officer should be.

Exasperated, our ennemies tried to distract the rear-guard with some deadly fancy equipment, but our good doctor wasn't able to alert his friend in time, due to a lack in our chain of command at that time...

Sadly, all our remaining troops support hasn't been enough for Chandra to stand against the ennemy horde, and she decided after such a good job to take a hiatus from the operation.

With such a terrifying ennemy down, the Shasvastii decided to go on a killing rampage to push us off the area. First by taking out for a third time our Varangian Valkyria, making her name quite fitting.

Then, one of their silent killer revealed herself amongst the civilian population and killed them all, in front of the shocked reporter, injuring me in the process.

Realizing she made a mistake letting this press representative alive, the speculo decided to take her out as well, before heading out of the area along with her alien friends.

But this was without the last stand of my Kappa second Officer - who usually lead Cyberius TaskForce when I'm out or not here - who killed the killer... before realizing she was one of the last survivor of our unit.

After that, the recover unit tried to dig some alien material as evidences, but even the ennemy drones seemed to have vanished, probably by the fault of some really good (or bad?) CA engineers.

Now I need to bring this report to the PanOceanian HQ to explain them why their generously lend engineers and rocket scientists disappeared, hoping to not meet again these filthy aliens.

In the meantime I would recommend to award our Sirius Officer Chandra some medals and a raise for her outstanding field work.

Lady Numiria out.

-end of comlog-

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