Asteroid Blues


EP2 - Where's my free pupnik?

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Lady Numiria
VS Nomads

DISCLAIMER: please excuse the text-errors in captions, images were edited late at night and very quickly to be able to upload this report before phase 2.

-start of comlog-

Here Lady Numiria, report OS1375+BRD, for Bureau Aegis views.

Recently I received a message offering me a free furry in exchange of an Arachne subscribtion, and decided to investigate on this, given the recent problem I had with Nomad furries lately...

I packed my best men and women with me, and heads to the Gorge to reveal the truth behind this story.

Given we were in ennemy territory, I feared to meet dangerous people, and some furries again... guess it was even worse: ROBOT-FURRIES!

Meanwhile, while I gave orders to deploy at my unit, I felt like this place was strangely familiar, but I bet it was just Nomad sorcery...

My forces were pretty far in when the ennemy decided to strike, my Sirius Officer on the left side (with ennemy drones and civil criminal nearby), Valkyria our local Varangian on the right near the Moderators, Epsilon still lonely on his roof with a watch on the Religious girls, and the rest in the southern streets.

We started with a fail: the Gangbuster didn't managed to infiltrate the norther streets and failed to hack into the ennemy's EVO bot. But it was no match for our man's best friend: SPIDERDOG!

The bots and robot-furries partially glued, Chandraa and her dog decided to move on. TOTALLY FORGETTING SHE WAS ASSIGNED THE MISSION TO ARREST THE CIVILIAN CRIMINAL NEARBY!!?!!

Then, it was another failure (like I needed that) with our Epsilon, fed up by having to fight against such beautiful creatures again, who leave the field without any further notices.

In front of such strange... commitment to our duty, the local nomads were very intrigued by our manoeuvers and decided to not move an inch, puzzled by our erratic moves I guess?

Given we were loosing again, I decided to put some coins on Valkyria, given she assured me to be a pro at stealthy combat infiltration. I just hope I didn't make a mistake there.

Recognizing her, a local fan decided to come stalk her, but Valkyria managed to vanished before making a powerful comeback, taking with her one of the moderator... and only one. I'll never trust aristos again in the future.

The rest was pretty straightforward sadly: The reserve's Kappa moved forward into the streets and with heavy suppression fire managed to take out one of the religious girl and tried to kill another cosplayer, but she was a little bit to talktative, even injured, which wasn't very easy for the local Nomad doc's job.

In the end I was left alone and the mission was a total failure: Chandraa returned to me with her memory so cleaned I could see myself in (if it was a real thing), my Epsilon second vanished, no sign of any free Pupnik or Arachne Client Helpdesk, and my Doctor... WAIT??? WHERE DID THE DOC WENT??

-end of comlog-

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