Asteroid Blues


Last report from OnX unit 0DN243

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Combined Army
Kwisatz Haderach

Last report from OnX unit 0DN243 after engaged combat with StarCo mercenaries
Units lost in engagement consisted of Unidron link with plasma sniper , spitfire 2 FOs and K1 combi, nexus lt, koda li, malignos , few other robots.
Starco units spotted : Riot Grlls, Avicena, jaguars, hellcat, bandit and Al Hawa , TR bot and other , that weren’t identified.

I got first turn, kodali dropped in and blasted Wild Bill and Brawler lt. Then she foolishly attempted to engaged TR bot, but me managed to gun her down. Cloned wild bill moved on, taking on jaguar and a flash bot.

My opponent was in LoL and didt do much. He got back brawler and flash bot. Killed cloned wild bill in procces.

After that report files seems to be damaged and ureadable. As we know , that unit had a mission to retrieve supply boxes, but failed.

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