Asteroid Blues


Session 6: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Kazavon V7
VS PanOceania


Finally, the tournament everyone has been getting ready for is... still two weeks away! But the tournament to get ready for the tournament is underway at Games U and it's time to play some Acquisition, Countermeasures and Frontline.

Surprisingly, the games store donated a Season 11 tournament box to the event-- so things got really serious really fast!

My first opponent in round 1 was Matt, playing Military Orders, in Acquisition. We were set on the corridor table-- a place not well-suited to either of our shooting-heavy armies, but we're gonna make the most of it!

We're pretty light on photos for these since it was a tournament-- I couldn't stop the game to snap photos, especially since my games were almost all 110 minute games of our 2 hour time limit!

Deployment in a corridor table is weird. Matt lost initiative and I took first turn. Deployment was all over the place. He used Joan of Arc to guard a corner-- so I ran up to her with my Bulleteer after taking out a Fugazi guarding the flank. A successful Climb action to go around a bulkhead later and the Bulleteer is on top of her, exactly 3mm out of her nanopulser, being shotgunned twice. She made both saves. I tried Jamming her with a ZC Sensor/Jammer, but she was fine too. I killed an Order Sergeant Sniper that my Kamau could get to, but the table was really dragging me down here-- nothing against the corridor table, but Varuna's big strength is its overwatch, and here it was difficult to get LoF past the consoles!

Matt's first turn was amazing. He discover-shot my ZC KHD with a TOFOOS, Joan killed the Bulleteer, Dart rolled up on my ZC Sensor/Jammer and made ARM before killing him-- he had a console by the end of it, too. I had moved a Helot up to the center console with his orders my first turn and Matt shot him with a Multi-Sniper-- the Helot went just unconscious. Things were kind of grim-- I got a single model on his turn, a Machinist who tried to Cautious Move past the Kamau Sniper but was seen by a WarCor.

My second turn wasn't better than my first. I tried to kill Dart, out of cover and in my good range, with my Machinist's combi. I was shooting on 12s with 4 dice and she was throwing an E/M Grenade on -9 with 1 dice. I miss of course, and Dart hits my entire Haris with the E/M grenade-- the Kamau haris who was my Datatracker got isolated, and so did the Machinist. The Kamau HMG moved up, Cautious Moved behind her and shot her in the back twice with a pistol. She made ARM and turned around, so I ran a Sierra Dronbot up and shot her then-- she beat both my rolls with her Dodge of 11, but I needed a 6 and rolled two of them, critting her to death.

My Kamau Sniper link was pretty much inactive.

At least I had the presence of mind to roll WIP on the console next to Dart first-- I got that one, and with the Machinist still in contact, I'd probably end up keeping it through their isolated state!

Matt's 2nd turn was uneventful. He spent most of his orders sending a Bulleteer Spitfire to harass my fireteam and couldn't quite get there thanks to the bulkheads in the way, so he went into Suppressive to prevent me from taking his HVT.

My 3rd turn things started to turn around. I shot at his Bulleteer in order to try to dent it, missing all my shots and going unconscious. A Trauma Doc sat the Fusilier up and we reformed the link to try again and they hit the Bulleteer-- but it made ARM, of course. The link moved on, leaving the Doc and a WarCor to watch their backs as I moved the Liason officer Fusilier up and out of my deployment as the Kamau Sniper went up to engage the other Order Sergeant Sniper. I hit him all 3 times, and he only failed 1 of the 6 ARM rolls vs Damage 15. So I shot him again because there was a Trauma Doc 3 inches away, and this time he failed ... only 1 more. Wow!

With the way clear, my Machinist turned to the Kamau Haris with their single action and said: BE FREE! They succeeded WIP to clear Isolated, and the Kamau took off to the center console, touching it to take control. Unfortunately, Matt had a HRL in his link, so I needed to do something about that Helot... oh! Idea!

I move my Trauma Doc up and shoot at the Helot. I reason they'll fail their PH 8 or w/e check and die... instead, they crit it, and get back up! With no one watching, I move them away into a corner to almost see where the link will come out. It's more important that the Helot not be next to the Kamau so I can protect them vs. impact templates!

Matt steps back with his Order Sergeant HRL to get a shot on my Helot... and the Helot successfully places two blast templates in the center of Matt's link. Not just that-- but the Order Sergeant misses the helot! The Order Sergeant, a Trauma Doc and another link member all evaporate in front of Joan of Arc. Whoa!

The TOFOOS kicks open the door and walks out, shooting the Kamau datatracker-- but a successful dodge on a 10 has the Kamau slide to the other side of the point. The TOFOOS challenges the Helot and fails-- but makes ARM vs the shock hit from their SMG. A second order drops the Helot with a burst of Combi Rifle fire. With no orders to spare, the TOFOOS steps out to shoot the Kamau datatracker around the console, and the Kamau dodges again-- but the Kamau Sniper can see their TO Camo ass and gives them two, killing them outright.

Matt has 5 orders and only 1 model alive who can make it to the console. Joan of Arc steps out and rushes the console, harried in a hail of gunfire from the Kamau Sniper and the Kamau Datatracker. Joan dodges, rolling a high number-- but the Kamau is shooting her on a 19 and puts out a 19 and a 17, critting and dealing 2 more wounds to Joan to kill her.

An absolute series of unfortunate events.

Matt's Tech Bee jumps on the console to prevent a major victory, and we close up the game.


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