Asteroid Blues


Interrupted Offensive

VS Haqqislam

Kempey, who had barely recovered after a recent explosion nearby, try to open his eyes. He saw moment, when the body of his comrade dropped to the ground, struck by the shots of an enemy machine gun…
– “Everyone – take cover!”
Lying on ground, the woman smirked, gritting her teeth cause of unbearable pain. At the same time, the young man Paramedik from Keisotsu was trying to provide her first aid.
-“N .. Nothing to worry about, Kazu … Just a scratch. Don’t think to write me off … Not today”
After take up a hood and looking at this picture, the man only nodded in displeasure. She was dying. However, the battle wasnt over yet. On the communication channel has already translated the loss of a lieutenant. It was necessary to take command and continue attacking.
– “Things are getting worse, Mr. Yuichiro!…” – voice of the medic brought Kempey out of his thoughts, “… It’s all – can not be true”

Few days before
In his office, at the headquarters of the Japanese Separatist Army, Kempei Yuichiro Kazuto dismantled the papers. The High-priority order was received from the High Command – to attack the positions of the State Empire of Yu-Jing, together with the allied forces of the Private Military Companies.
Now on the table in front of him was the personal files of the soldiers, assigned to their mission.
– “Wait a minute … Operation commander?” – his eyebrows widen in surprise, he suddenly feel nervous.
– “Socho Nagachika Chigusa! ”
Suddenly an answer was heard from a woman, who was standing in the doorway of the office, dressed in a white and gray Kempaytay cloak, with red accents.
– “We haven’t seen each other for a long time, Kazu.” Gunso Kazuto gritted his teeth. Why – exactly her?
– “Come on, Gunso Yuichiro Kazuto. I am not against familiarity.”
Kempey frowned. This woman always annoyed him. Since training. And during the rebellion …

2 minutes before start of operation

The time of advancement of forces into the territory of the State Empire is come. Nagachika should be nervous. Her plan must be perfect and check out to the smallest details, because the Commander approved it without even few edits. And now – our battle group was moving along the streets of New Bangkok.
– “Front is safe.” – reported one of the Ninja.
– “Continue the advance” – answered the lieutenant, checking situation around the group. Four Keisotsu, two Kempeitai and one scout from Ryuken Unit-9 – is moving at the front and back of the group. Somewhere nearby, on hidden position – there was a Ninja from the Fukuro Clan. Thanks to the ODD. Shikami, her group was infiltrated on position few hours before operation was started.
Suddenly the voice of the Ninja Usagi sounded through the communication channel once again.
“-Something is wrong. I saw something…” The lieutenant raised his hand, in order to the group – to stop.
“Really, those stupid soldiers of the State Empire noticed us before…”
“It seems , the enemy infiltrator is here. Yes, it is!”
Thundered shots, from somewhere. We was discovered.
“I see them.” – the voice changed using technology sounded. The lieutenant knew to whom he belonged. Saito Togan.
“They use Hakkislam signage.” The lieutenant looked at Gunso Kazuto, who nodded confidently to him.
-“Our allies from Haqqi did not report any operations on this territory…” – the commander look at the battlefield.
-“Ohh, it’s him again. Batyr …”

And the battle started

A grenade suddenly flew into the passageway, which was controlled by the Nagachiki battle group. In the blink of an eye, smoke filled every bit of free space, preventing the soldiers from seeing anything anywhere.
-“Your ugly face won’t leave me in peace…”- the woman whispered swearings, dropping down her multispectral visor. Crasy biker was already rushing through the smoke. Aiming quickly, she immediately fired a shot from the Marksman Shock Rifle. Miss! But an explosion right under the wheels of the enemy, following this actions, finish the job .
“This one is mine!” the girl scout Ryuuken-9 said fervently, hiding on position , not too far from the mine, laid by her.
Suddenly, an enemy Infiltrator appeared around the corner. The whole group opened fire on him, a nearby Ninja in thermal camouflage wasnt the exception. Well-trained Al’Havva escaped all shots, making only a few- in response. Offhand. And that was enough.
– “It hit me ?..” – Keisotsu Miho try to found that spot…
Located at the other end of the battlefield, the enemy REM launched a rocket. Kempey only managed to utter the warning “Lie down!”
… When the explosion thundered – no one was ready. Hit – an exact in the center of her battle group.
-“Oof” … – Lieutenant Kempey was very unhappy about what had happened.
– “Is everyone safe?” .. Her ears rang madly from a deafening explosion.
– “I’m ok”. – The first responded Kempey Kazuto.
– “Oh … Nothing broken, i guess …” Paramedik reported to Keisotsu after that. And then – silence…
Only now, Nagachika can see two bodies of her comrades from Keisotsu , scattered in different directions.
– “I won’t leave it like that! They will pay for that!” – she said it, gritting her teeth. Clutching her rifle, she aimed her sight at Al’Hawwa – only to see him lying on the ground, spilled blood from his mouth.
– “Done”. – Saito’s unemotional voice sounded terrifying. After his silent shot the infiltrator in the back – Al-Hawwa have no chance to be safe.
Nagachika wasn’t get her revenge. Peering around the corner, she start shooting at another enemy- machine gunner.
– “Dirty bastards! You will die for that!” Short duel. A sharp bullet destroy the chest plate, which stunned the woman, let her falling to the ground …
– “Mr. Yuichiro, we have a problem! “- said Paramedic, watching how the first-aid woman Kempey got to her feet and trying to return to the previous firing position.
– “Haaa!” – she screamed menacingly, shooting at the enemy berserker soldiers running at her. Thanks to her sudden appearance, the enemy did not have time to complete their charge. Blood of enemies make her eyes “glowing” in unusual way
-“Socho Nagachika! Back on position”! shouted Kazuto, trying to reasoning with her companions bloodlust.
– “Dont be afraid, gunso! We need to turn the tide of battle! Its our only way…”
She answered, but with no distracting, and continuing the fire.
– “All – follow me! Fight! Banzai !!!” Someone from the other end of the field shouted back at her. The remnants of the battle group of the Japanese rushed into battle. But it was too late …

The attack quickly drowned , and those who did not die , were forced to retreat. Retreat – to avenge Batyr’s gang in the future.
They will no forgive…

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