Asteroid Blues


First Clash. Haqqislam bandits.

VS Haqqislam

Evening. The next patrol of the territory of the Japanese Separatist Army. Medication Warehouse on Main Strip.

Protection of the warehouse complex recorded the fact of penetration too late. We were hacked. The personnel hastened to positions for defense. On the net, the enemy reflected as the forces of the Haqqislam Army, but wore identification marks not familiar to their soldiers.
Realizing that they had been discovered, a large man with long black hair flew at full speed into the warehouse premises on a bike that caused a coloring.

First turn.

Going into a state of complete invisibility, three Ninja from the Kurokawa Ryu clan rushed to the points with strategically important tech-coffin.
Having no time to get access codes to the console, hackers had to crack their own systems.
According to the plan, all three had to remove the equipment at the same time and hide, but right now everything went wrong. Two coped with their task. A ninja Moyashi spotted a subtle silhouette in the third console. Enemy infiltrator.
The roar of the exhaust pipe of the bike, because of the boxes the same biker appeared, who immediately opened fire on the Ninja Usagi, near the first console. Showing miracles of acrobatics, the girl walked away from the stream of shrapnel, hiding behind the drawers in the opposite corner of the room.
At the center console, everything went just as planned. With a well-aimed shot, the enemy sniper hit directly into the chest of the Ninja Risu. Having tumbled over from a powerful blow, which also threw her back, the girl nevertheless found herself alive. The armor took all the damage.
Roll to the side and a sharp jump. Another hit that knocked Risu off for another couple of meters.
This ninja seems to have been born in a shirt. Extraordinary luck, she thought, just before the third shot rang out, after which a veil covered Risu’s eyes. Dropping a container with medical equipment, the girl was spread across the floor of the warehouse in a pool of her own blood.
At that moment, Gunso Kazuto from Kempeitai, who appeared from around the corner, shot down a man with a well-aimed bike from the bike at full speed with a well-aimed shot of Bording Shotgan. Having lost control, the vehicle flew into a fence, a thunderous explosion.
He seems to have been the leader of these intruders. However, despite his loss, the enemy was not at a loss.
Overhead Kempey flew charge from Missle Launcher. A flash of flame carried away an enemy rocket launcher.
– Great job, Minami! – shouted Gunso Kazuto approvingly, looking over the girl Keisotsu over his shoulder.

Second turn.

Another moment and a grin disappeared from Kempey’s face. A well-aimed sniper shot knocked the girl Keisotsu from a hill. Her body collapsed noisily to the floor of the warehouse, along with the weighty Missle Launcher.
-Shimata …
Suddenly, a man appeared on one of the positions, whom, as Kazuto was ready to swear, he had just killed. This turned out to be nothing more than a trick using a holoprojector. The picture immediately changed, when now Havza opened fire on Kempey from Spitfire.

Taking advantage of the fact that the enemy infiltrator began to hack into the access console, the Ninja pulled the bowstring of his Tactical Bow, about to end the enemy’s life, as the next shot of the enemy sniper left this venture unfulfilled. The enemy gained access to one of the containers.

The third turn.

It was necessary to leave with the Remaining container with us, until the enemy surrounded Usagi. As soon as she took a step out of hiding, Odalisque, who was hiding there, released an army of nano-bots into her from the Nanopulser built into her suit.
Only lightning reflexes and luck allowed the girl to avoid an attack.
In other matters, her next move put everything in its place. Jumping around the corner, Usagi fired an arrow from a tactical bow at the enemy. The second wave of nano-bots covered the Ninja with its head, leaving no chance for salvation.
Having received everything necessary, the Enemy retreated to the next room of the warehouse, wanting to tear off a larger piece.
Now the victory was theirs.

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