Asteroid Blues


One-turn kill, fast game

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VS Yu Jing

StarCo VS IA, 200pts, Quadrant Control
Initiative: Invincible Army
Classified objective : StarCo : Intelcom card / Invincible Army : Intelcom card
Reserved placement of each other. StarCo: Al Hawwa FO / IA: Mowang Spitfire
Data tracker StarCo: Riot Grrl Spitfire / IA : Mowang Spitfire

There were fatal and rudimentary mistakes in the deployment. I was afraid of Haidao MSR, so I deployed Alguacil ML in Prone state.

Alguacil ML failed to properly check the Mowang, Alguacil core team is completely shattered. Mowang even knocked out the Riot grrl Harris team and CSU.
After the 13 orders of action, I had only Riot Grrl Spitfire and Brawler Lt.

• Dominate more Quadrants than the adversary at
the end of each Game Round (2 Objective Points).

Have your Dominant DataTracker in a Dominated Quadrant
at the end of each Game Round (1 Objective Point).

StarCo - 0OP

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Yu Jing