Asteroid Blues


Drunken Fist Part Two

Yu Jing
Mathew Owens


Myongsun knew his job was of the upmost impotence. Hsien Yu-Wen and his agents needed as much time as he could buy them in the strip to follow up on the leads the Yu-Jing covert agents had managed to uncover.

It was not hard for him to motivate his forces. They all fucking hated the Ikari company scum. Myongsun himself had grown up in a time to see Japanese separatists blow up school buses and packed commuter trains. He did not hate the Japanese, just the stupid ones who fell for the independence bullshit. It was pleasing to see that their new shogunate masters gave the less freedom and demanded more death of the poor and working class than Yu-Jing ever had. And for what vision?

Yu-Jing could be swift and hard with justice, but the aim was security and comfort for all its people. The rulers of the JSA just sort freedom to exploit their people for personal wealth. No wonder they got on so well with their Pan'O puppet masters.

Anyway hold the line was a simple task. He would let them make the first move. They would soon realized they could not take him by surprise.

The battlefield.

Ikari Company Turn One

Myongsun got a ping, their systems had been hacked and the Ikari was aware of the on the ground command structure. They were coming after him.

With that the air boomed with the arrival of 4 YuanYuans who went to work clearing his teams carefully placed madtraps before two attempted to infiltrate the Yu-Jing lines and were killed for their stupidly.

One in the center deployed smoke and as predicted a Ruishi was sent in. It was a unless ploy by the Ikari as the MSV of the Hesin and his own Ruishi were able to take out the stolen REM before it found any easy targets.

YuanYuans landed to clear Madtraps and to set up smoke for the Ruishi.
Lots of YuanYuans!!
The Brawler MSR advanced to hold up the Yu-Jing advance.
The Ruishi is taken out by the Hsien.

Yu-Jing Turn One

The first casualty for the Yu-Jing was a Kuang-shi who rushed forward into the cross hairs of a Brawler with MSR and was dead in an instant.

Myongsun called in the Hsien who had dealt with the Ruishi and was pleased to see him make short work of the sniper.

The path was now clear for the Su-Jian to advance into the most densely packed sector of the battle field.

He tried to take out the YuanYuan first but it deployed smoke before he could get a shot off.

Deciding to go for better targets it continued across the Battlefield and up a walkway on the west side where it got a LoS on a Daiyokai.

They opened fire on each other but the Su-Jian downed the HI with a single well aimed burst before continuing to fire on and wound a Al Fisid is the Ikari rear guard.

The Hsien advances and kills the sniper.
The Su Jian sweeps across the battle to take on the Ikari HI

Ikari Company Turn Two

The YuanYuan tried to be a hero and charged the Su-Jian but was gunned down in the attempt.
The Al-Fasid was next and managed to cause some serous damage to the Su-Jian before it disappeared out of sight.

The Ikari company being the cowards they are fell into retreat.

The Su-Jian is forced back and the Ikari cannot see a way around it so start to withdraw.


With the first wave of Ikari resistance beaten back in minutes, Myongsun had bought some time for the ISS investigation. He was ready and willing to do so again.

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