Asteroid Blues


Drunken first part One

Yu Jing
VS Ariadna


Yu-wen finally had the back up needed to make a push into the heart of the crisis at the edge.

Is forces had arrived about 39 hours ago and after some time with his Lt's and best field scouts spending some to!e getting them up to speed with the terrain and the intel on current know locations of rival forces and hot zones, they were now ready to take over the bulk of the defensive roles around the Jiyuang facilities.

A large force of I.S.S were now prepped and ready to enter the main strip Novyy Bangkok and extract as much evidence as possible on the actions of the shasvastii operations

Even if they could not hold the territory permanently, they should be able to follow up on a number of leads gleened from the Speculo killer in the ca well as those uncovered by Kenren agents who had been deployed as this debacle began.

Yu-Wen was determined to oversee the operations around the bar itself while Lt. Myongsun defended his flank against some expected resistance from the Ikari Company.

As they arrived they were met by a forward action team that had secured a docking space and led the I.S.S forces through previously scouted routes.

Yu-Wen was informed on the way of an ariadna presence around the bar area and he told his communications team to send a request for a joint operation as their objectives were the same and the sharing of information would be mutually beneficial.

A number of minutes later the request was denied and a warning attached that any approach, that was not pre arranged with all personal bio-scanned and background , would be treated as hostile.

Yu-Wen was never a fan of unnecessary conflict and he felt pity on those that would die because of the stubbornness of those who should know better.

He ordered his forces forward and took up position himself to take the area by force.

The main strip.

Tartary Corps Army Turn One

The first sighting of the Tartary forces was through the visual link of one of wild bills rouge AI mimics. That a Kanren had backed and was using as a forward scout.

Form it's position at the front of the eastern flank it spotted a dog warrior approaching and opened fire. This drew it ire and it rushed towards the AI cowboy unleashing chain rifle blasts.

The visual link fizzled out it was consumed by the blasts. The last image being the man becoming the beast inside.

Yu-Wen switched over to the Su-Jian's view in time to see the dog warrior get put down while immobilizing the Ruishi.

Meanwhile over on the left flank another dog warrior had been spotted by an overly enthusiastic Journalist who was filming the Ariadnan going after he thought was a JSA civilian.

The civilian senced the dog warrior bound atop the building he was next too and dove out the way of its chain rifle before darting into the building as it leapt from the roof. He managed to dodge a third time before finally being hit while recovering his balance.

Yu-Wen knew this was one of his best Kanren agents and was not about to let him be killed. The Ariadnain forces must have worked it out too as he appeared be a designated target.

Wild bills AI copy is the first to see the Dog warrior.
He wounds it. causing it to transform, but dies in the process.
The Dog Warrior then dies putting the Ruishi down.
On the opposite flank another dog Warrior hunts the designated target.
Knocking him unconscious in the capsule hotel.

Yu-Jing Turn One

Yu-Wen ordered the Su-Jian forward to take the dog Warrior down before he ripped the now unconscious Kanren.

The high-tech HI took the dog warrior by surprise and landed a shot in its back blasting it to the floor where it transformed. the Su-Jian then advanced to get an angle on the prone dog but just as it go a visual it was blasted backwards by the force of a missile hit.

The Situation was getting hairy with Yu-Wen's big hitter down so he called on the spophotect who had just patched up the Ruishi to get the Su-Jian back online.

The tank hunter ML gets i direct hit on the advancing Su-Jian.
The downed Su-Jian gets a battle field patch job.

Tartary Corps Army Turn Two

The dog warrior was now enraged and forgot about the Kanren and rushed through the now shattered window and leapt atop the build between it and the Su-Jian who was just coming back on line.

It then leapt down firing chain rifles that downed the Yudbot and Ruishi for a second, but not before it took another wound.

It then dove into CC with the Su-Jian who shot it in the chest with a heavy pistol and shoved its lifeless weight aside in time to spot a Strelok FO marking him moments before a Unseen Kuang-Shi caught it in her chain rifle balst.

The HI dashed for the cover of the old police station as the rockets from a Katyusha fell. It dodged the first blast and somehow came out of the following two still functioning safely inside.

The dog Warrior leaps into the Yu Jing back line. taking the Rushi down again before diying to the Su-Jain`s pistol..
The Su-Jian somehow survives the Katyusha`s bombardment.

Yu-Jing Turn Two

With the enemy in the Yu-Jing flank dealt with Yu-Wen led his team objective on the offence. He called in smoke support from the Kuang-Shi team before unleashing his HMG on the camouflaged trooper with missile launcher killing his in one volley.

He then scanned the Battlefield and found three more targets who suffered a similar fate.
One was confirmed to the the enemy Lt from what is communications officer could tell for the Ariadnain chatter.

His instincts told his to fall back, but he did not want anything to happen to his men and he was in a good position with their best firepower.

Yu-Wen advances and takes out four of the Tartary`s finest

Tartary Corps Army Turn Three

Yu-Wen should have listened to those instants as out of nowhere four targets popped up. He attempted to dodge, but was not quick enough to avoid the tags. The sound of missile fire sounded and his team made for total cover.

After numerous volleys one of his body guard Zhanying was left in critical condition and he himself had taken a light wound but not enough to stop him.

Yu-Wen is pushed back under heavy fire.

Yu-Jing Turn Three

Yu-Wen had spotted and opening in the Ariadnain lines to the west of the fighting that would allow his Su-Jian to get to a smuggler who had been identified as having dealings with the Shavastti.

The smuggler seemed to have fooled the Ariadnains into thinking his deserving of their protection but all Yu-Wen needed was his cube to find out what they needed.

He called on the Kuang-Shi team once more to provide some smoke cover before the Su-Jian crossed the strip and entered the Ariadnain flank.

The HI dodged some auto cannot shots from a tank hunter and returned some more accurate fire before killing another Strelok. Now unobstructed, it took down the designated target as the Ariadnain forces started to withdraw.

The Su-Jian gets advances and takes out the second Tank hunter and a Strelok.
Before getting a LoS on the designated target and putting him down.


With the fighting over Yu-Wen made sure his bodyguard was stable in the care of the Sophotect before moving into the bar and start following leads.

A message from Myongsun’s team confirmed what he expected and the Ikari company who called the shit hole home were descending on them and their first wave would arrive shortly.

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