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Luck is with the weak minded - and the Mowang

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Yu Jing
VS Haqqislam

Yesterday we had our last matchup of this years campaign, I faced Melchiors Vanilla Haqq. He fielded a Fiday, a TR Bot, a bunch of Ghazis, the obligatory Red Fury Mukhtar, a Daylami and a Hunzakut, a Barid killer Hacker, 2 Ghulams as far as I can remember. Have a look at Melchiors Battlereport as well because like always he has put a lot more effort in his.

Melchior won Lieutenant roll and made me deploy first, I chose to go second, because I relied on my lists ability to resist a potential alpha strike. I had 2 guilang minelayers in the midfield, my Mowang on the right flank guarded by a kuang shi and a monk in walking distance. I forgot to deploy my third monk - sigh. Daoying lt was in the center with a kuang shi an a warcor nearby. The beacon was protected by a liberto minelayer and the chainrifle Krakot.

Melchior turn 1: The Fiday walked around the corner, smoked the mowang an got into cc but the heavy one passed his armor save and melchior went on to other activities. He attacked the warcor with his Daylami, being able to put the light shotgun template on my daoying an a kuang shi as well. Now luck came in. I checked all 4 armor rolls with warcor and kuang shi and killed the daylami with daoyings boarding shotgun. The last bunch of orders he advanced with his hunzacutie, putting down a shaolin, the krakot and entering suppressive state at the end of the turn, despite being shot in the back by guilang and tanking a mine and a chainrifle.

Hunza tanks guilang shot

Istvan turn 1: The impetous face made a kuang shi attack the hunzakut and put him down, again tanking the armor saves for his suppressing rifleshots. The kuang shi near the mowang attacked the fiday in CC, and went dogged in the process. Last but not least the Monk went also in CC with the Fiday and with burst 3 and MA 3 he totally wrecked him.


The rest of the orders I used to clear a central Ghazi with the hunzakut killing kuang shi and lost him in the process, but also putting the Ghazi to dogged. I feared his jammer so I slightly advanced with the Mowang killing the Krakot and a Ghazi on the other tableedge who was there for smokesupply for the Mukthar.

Mowang rampage

Melchior turn 2: Melchiors plan was to kill the Mowang with his Mukthar this turn, but he had only 6 regular orders left. His last ghazi died to a mine but was able to smoke my beacon, to help the mukthar with his bloody work. As the Mukhtar advanced he faced a guiland on the rooftop in close distance and one on 30 inches. In the next 3 or 4 orders he lost a wound to a crit and after some passed armor saves he was able to shock both of the table. Now he was out of orders to attack the center so he went into suppressive and passed turn.

Istvan turn 2: Now it was the time to shine for the Mowang, he up the table catching the Mukhtar over 24´, and made him give up suppressive state, one lucky diceroll later he was glued thanks to his Akrylat canone. He advanced further accomplishing my classisified, where I had to get into ZoC of the HVT with a HI and check a WIP roll. He retreated to a nearby corner and went into suppressive. I pushed the last monk into his near to protect him from melchiors last push.

come with me

Melchior turn 3: All Melchior wanted to do was to protect his beacon so he advanced with his TR bot killing my last kuang shi and going into a position where he could see the Mowang, when he would choose to go for melchiors beacon.

Istvan turn 3: The Liberto went for the TR bot with his light shotgun and put it into unconscious. I had 5 orders left for the Mowang and he went for the job, shooting down melchiors last defense, a barid, ghulam lieutenant and ghulam doctor and going into base to base with the beacon.

the end

9:0 for Yu Jing

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Yu Jing


  • Yue Fei says:

    Well played sir! Nice to get a few more points on our closing score!

  • ObviousGray says:

    I would’ve loved if it was Ji Yuan, but looks like you lost the roll XD

    Super quality, comrade. Your reports on early campaign led YJ to bolster their will to play. Thank you, and see you next year.

  • Cdr. Philip von Kruse says:

    A great report and a fitting end with a victory for your final report of the campaign. *Salutes*