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Killer cold never get´s old

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Yu Jing
VS Haqqislam

to comfort you in this freezing place

We had a little escalation event going on this sunday. Here is the writeup of the last game of the day: Frostbyte against my brother Melchior. He played Ramah Limited insertion with a 3 man core of Leyla Janisarry ML, Hortlak Sniper, some order bots, Maghariba guard, a Monstrucker and Tarik.
We had the new 15 order regulation of season 11, so I had 2 TR bots, a Mowang, rui shi, Haidao engineer and a Ninja Killer Hacker, as well as some other stuff. I won Lieutenant and so he had to start.

I deployed very defensive with only one TR bot in line of sight to the 3 man core link, a helper bot nearby and guarded by some kuang shi. The middle was held by gui feng and his mad traps staying prone. Mowand Data Tracker proned in total cover on the left side. His reserve trooper was Tarik on the table edge on my left side. My reserve trooper was a second TR bot with LOS to Tarik, catching him in bad range for his spitfire.

Melchiors Maghariba hidden behind a building and guarded by his link
My deployment right before beginning of the game, hidden Ninja was around the yellow box on the left side
Tarik advanced with his lieutenant order, shooting against my TR bot, Tariks 4 dice on 10 vs 4 on 14 for the TR. He got crit and passed the other armour save, now he was out of LOS
Here you can see the lucky winner
Now he advanced with his maggy, facing the other TR bot on the way, it was 4 on 14 on both sides and luckily I landed another crit. The second time the bot went unconscious and Maggy vaulted over to the right, so that the Monstrucker could repair the structure. After putting down a mine she went for the midfield, shooting the other TR bot on the way and going into supressive fire at the end of gameround.
situation at end of turn 1 for Melchior

I pushed my shaolin forward, he was facing no ARO so he was able to lay down some smoke in front of the Maghariba. After that he went into CC with her, but she made the first armor save.

suddenly a sneaky Ninja appeared and started to chop sweat maggy into peaces. 3 orders later she was totally wrecked.
Where is that tank?
The kuang shi control device threw some smoke on the TR bot, so that haido engineers´ little helper bot could repair it. As a sweet bonus he got assisted fire because of Daoyings lieutenant order.
Ninja activated the console and heated my DZ
It was time for Melchior again, so he shot the monk with his Monstruckers SMG
In the following order Tarik went for a second rush, he wanted to kill my Mowang Data Tracker, but before, he had to face the buffed TR bot. Melchior forgot about the Ninja behind the console, who had gone back into TO Camo in my last order. He had a go at him with his bow and the TR bot put some more holes into the hero of haqqislam. Tarik down.
ML Jannisary obliterated the Ninja with a single missile

After that, the hortlak had a go at the TR bot and put it into second level of unconsciousness. End of Melchiors turn.

I started my round throwing smoke on the TR bot again, repairing it with the helper bot and putting marksmanship lvl 2 on the rui shi with my Daoying
Then the mowang killed the monstrucker who was in supressive fire behind the console he had activated in melchiors second turn
Now that the way was cleared he walked into the midfield, dominating the zone and going in supressive fire as well.

In the cover of smoke the rui shi did the same.

In his last turn, there was not really much Melchior could do, but he blew up two kuang shi in the impetous face of my third turn.
The rui shi shot down the janissary out of smoke. my plan was to secure HVT with my doctor who was still in my DZ on my left side, so I had to clear the way for her. I made it with my last order, but had forgotten about the killer cold, so she died at the end of game.

Game ended 9:2 for Yu Jing

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