Asteroid Blues


How to put political prisoners to an excellent use

Yu Jing
VS Combined Army

The first game of our escalation league in sunday was a 150 point party in the armory. I fielded ISS with a kuang shi core, a ninja khd, su jian, celestial guard lt and decoy and a local warcor. Bartholomae played vanilla combined, with a nexus Spitfire lieutenant, a liberto with smg, some ikadrons and the other order bots, can't remember the name. There was a big S5 TO as well....anathematic?

preparing to reclaim the armory from alien intruders
A proper view over my side of the table
kitty cat, lieutenant decoy and warcor hoping to survive first turn

I deployed with no ARO´s out and the ninja in HD close to the door of the armory. He had first turn and since he had forgotten to bring a specialist and his only anti material weapon was the libertos´ DEP he blew it open with him. His Anathematic walked in, looted some extra armour out of panoply and went in Suppresive fire afterwards.

the servants of the EI moving out
intruder alert in the armory - anathematic looting our panoplies

I started with the kuang shi control device putting out some smoke and leading the Kuang shi into the midfield to deliver some justice to the alien forces, smoking the entry to the armory as well. The Ninja used the cover of the smoke to open the door and sneak behind the Anathematic, who chose to dodge change facing.

I attacked the anathematic out of TO state and wisely he choose to sepsitorize me, I had a crit and the alien lost a wound, but my ninja failed BTS and changed sides.

The CG control device put the liberto in dogged state with his combi and the rest of the kuang shi were set up in and around the armory with ther chain rifles and pistols.

In the second round of combined army Bartholomae is trying to solve the problem of too many kuang shi standing with ther chain rifles ready to harm his big boy in the centre. Long story short, ninja got killed by chainrifle, charontid took a wound from a chain rifle and died du a pistol crit, and ikadron got also put down. The rest of the turn he killed two of the remaining kuang shi with his nexus and set up defense on his side of the armory with nexus and the last ikadron.

pistol crits happen

Kuang shi´s impetous order letting him end between nexus and ikadron. Nexus dogded my chain rifle and i made the armoursave for the heavy flamer. the rest of the orders su jian kitty cat moved into the room and went into supressive fire.

His last turn the ikadron put two flame templates above my kuang shi who choose to chain rifle back. He failed armour, so did I for one of the two saves, I checked wheather I was burning to death or just going into unconscious state and I made this important roll. I choose to use explode skill of the kuang shi and poor nexus failed his armour save, putting him down.

sacrificed for a greater good

All I had to do was to spend 4 orders looting the panoplies to put me ahead in this as well.

Game ended with a 8:1 victory for Yu Jing

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