Asteroid Blues


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Infected voice
VS Combined Army

=============================Varuna Reporting for duty================================================
We have reached Gallery Maze. And our Intelligence reported about shasvastii invasion. So we made Intervention to that place. Starting wandering in hallways, conflict was escalated quickly. Our garrison was consist of famous Patsy Garnet and ORC with HMG, some Fusilers and Cutter. You ever see that TAG ? Its gorgeous and glorious. So prime target was to destroy communication antenna and we did a damage to it. Down here quick report about conflict.
Our battle group move toward and found Overdrone, shooting in there gives no profit. TAG now moving on the right path and kill another Overdrone, kill some kind of remote. And here we are at antenna, made a punch at that. It looks wrecked but not completely destroyed. Shasvastii was moving to our antenna and try to kill fireteam with Patsy. Fireteam was broken but Patsy survived. Shasvastii stopped at halfway. What a hell? Why are they stopped? Oh, dammit its adhesive weapon shoots at Cutter. We was not preparing for this, of course engineer was on the base and did not participate conflict. Zulu Cobra from camouflage try to attack other Overdrone with jammer, didnt success. That overdrone was killed by Patsy. Bit and Kiss was managed to plant d-charges to our antenna, but nothing damage was dealt. In conclusion of that, we were more successful than that army. But we memorize that casualties.
====================================End of Reporting==============================================

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