Asteroid Blues


Harm's Way part 2

VS PanOceania


We are newbie on the game, and it's only our second 300pts games.
We didn't had a lot of time for this game because it was late, so we used more or less the same list we used on our previous battle report (some change of lieutenant and specialist).
After tought it certainly helped me on this mission.
We still do a lot of strategic mistake, but the game got quickier.
We used some proxy, so don't be surpised.


Lieutenant Darwaman did not really appreciate Lieutenant Wilson and his team. They had done their classes together, and he had always thought Lieutenant Wilson was an unbearable show-off coming from a good family.
Despite this, the images of the elimination of Lieutenant Wilson and his team by this filthy Nomads did not leave him all day long.
He felt the rage bubbling in him. It was a question of honor.

So when he heard the orders of Admiral JCJ Farley to lead an attack on Nomad territory he was one of the first volunteers.

When he received his classified objective he was delighted.
"Extreme Prejudice? Well... it was already planned"


I won the intiative roll.
I choose my side, and let him deploy first.
He chose to play first. His Authorised Bounty Hunters get MSV 1 Sniper rifle.

His deployment is obviously very agressive with the Squalo ready to rush, the Nisse sniper and Bounty Hunter sniper covering the center zone, and the rest of his trooper securing the antennas near his deployment zone.
I deploy my Mobile Brigada link near the left antenna. My Bandit datatracker near my HVT on the left flank, hoping to accomplish my classified objective. To the right flank a Bandit and an Intruder Sniper near the right antenna. The other bandit hiding covering the center antenna. An Intruder with HMG and a bandit hiding in the central building of my deployment zone.

Pano side
Corregidor side (I'll upload the pics with more details write on it later, the warconsole don't work well today).

Turn 1

Turn 1 Pano :

My opponent rush with his Squalo to the center.
An aro from my intuder sniper make one wound to the Squalo, but his nisse sniper down my intruder in a remake of our sniper duel on our previous game.
The Squalo (his datatracker) continue his rush and kill my HVT.
2 pts for him.
At the same time he occupies the antenna on my left.
He rush with his warcor to the central antenna and take it.
At the end of his turn, he has 4 antennas.

Sniper Duel round 2
Squalo rush

Turn 1 Corregidor :

My bandit hiding in the central building get out and consume 2 orders to throw a smoke grenade.
The Intruder in the same building use that cover and his surprise attack to kill the Nisse and the Authorized bounty hunter. Then I use a bunch of order to down the Squalo with the Intruder and the Mobile Brigada link (that panzerfaust of Lupe Balboa helped on this).
I'm kinda lucky and lose no one on my side.
Like in the previous game, my opponent overestimated the solidity of his TAG.
The last orders are used to take the left antenna with the Brigada link and clean the central antenna with my Bandit.


Pano 2 - Corregidor 2

A lot of order to squash that Squalo
Intruder at work (on the with and red building)
Bandit take the central zone.

Turn 2

Turn 2 PanOceania :

The Akalis commando drop safely behind a building, cross it and shoot down my bandit on the central zone.
The fusilier with medikit try to reach the Bounty Hunter with Sniper rifle.
The remaining order are used to secure his 2 antennas.

The Akalis advance, kill a Bandit to free the central antenna and hide.
Fusilier infirmier trying to reach her patient to make game competitive again in turn 3

Turn 2 Corregidor :

I move my bandit on the left to achieve my classified objective by scanning a building in his deployment zone. 4 orders to do it but suceed!!
My Hellcat drop on one of his antennas and take it by killing the Fusilier hacker on it and kill the enemy HVT.

Pano : 2 Pts, Corregidor : 6 Pts

Hellcat take the antenna

Turn 3

Turn 3 Panoceania :

The Father Knight discover and attack my remaining bandit, kill it, and finish it, to accomplish his classified objective : "Extreme Prejudice". 1pts for Pano!
The Akalis move to take the central antenna.
The Orc try to retake the antenna to the Hellcat but fail.
The fusilier infirmier revive the Bounty Hunter with the last order.

Father Knight saint anger!
Orc troop fail to clean the zone

Turn 3 Corregidor :

The intruder HMG take down another time that resilient bounty hunter and the fusilier medic.
Wich give space to the Mobile Brigada link to move and go on a killing spree.
First they down the Akal commando to liberate the central Antenna, then they down the Father Knight (with 3 orders) and at last put that Orc troop down.

With only one fusilier staying alive on the Panoceanian side the game is finished.


Panoceania : 3
Corregidor : 8

The Pain train taking down the Akalis commando
Father Knight down
The last stand of the Orc trooper


Another victory for my nomads, yay!

Obviously the fact of taking the same list as our previous game didn't helped my opponent.
He still struggle to use his TAG. And take too bold/risky decision.
Anyway we've taken less time to play this game, we're starting to get used to the rules.
It was hella fun.

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