Asteroid Blues


012 Defiance

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VS Nomads

Again O12 gets involved into a skirmish againts the insurgents forces of Bakunin who are trying to cover up his more dirty business.

Turn 1:

Bakunin forces take de iniciative and advances with the Morlock, then the reverenda custia hacker move foward to try to kill the o12 peelers and fuzzbot evo launching a repeater.
she gets down the fuzzbot and she goes back to get some cover.

O12 Forces try to getting back to the fight takin dawn the lunokhod and with the varangian moving foward, the epsilon move to middle and shoot the reverenda sending she to the eat the dust.

Turn 2

Bakunin reorganiced his forces but morlock troop ignored that order and move to the varangian that was near, only to discover that she was getting ambush by a peeler too, that bring she down.
meanwhile riots move to a new position and kill the peeler and the warcor because they dont want any leaks xd

O12 counter attack with varangians moving to the middle and smoke the area, epsilon maniover to middle to get advantage of his high grade tech and try to bringing down one riot , but only hurt one of them.Epsilon move to get cover and safety.
Alfa liut. gave the order to move foward to the last peeler and both take some cover.

Turn 3

Bakunin keep moving foward and noticed that alfa was exposed and flank the 012 forces to taking down the enemy liut. breaking his HQ

012 gets his HQ dead but seeing his mission complete they just prepare the retreat. Cuervo Goldstein appear behing enemy lines just to get more vital info.

Finally O12 win 5 vs 3 cause Riot girls din’t caputured the farthest sector as 012 did, bakunin only controled central sector, 012 captured the farthest and nearest, and neither of both did the secondary objetives.

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One Comment

  • SkyKnight says:

    I resent the accusation that Bakunin have dirty business!

    You surely are mistaking us for Tunguska.