Asteroid Blues


Crouching Zhencha, Hidden Tuareg

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VS Yu Jing
Cdr. Philip von Kruse

I apologize for the amount of unpainted and proxied models. We’re relatively new to Infinity and haven’t gotten around to painting/purchasing all the models – yet. We’ve noted any proxied models, of which there were many, down below.

Invincible Army
Profile – Name – Model
Group 1:
Daoying Hacker L2 – Zhu Li – Daoying Hacker
Haidao Sniper – Taizong – Haidao Sniper
Zhanshi FO – Zheng Din (AKA Krieger) – Zhanshi
Zhanshi – Chang Ha – Zhanshi
Zhanshi – Yu fan – Zhanshi
Zhanshi – Ha Bo – Zhanshi
Zhencha FO (Boarding Shotgun) – Chang Kai – Zuyong Multi Rifle
Zhencha FO (SMG) – Sun Zhen – Sun Tze v.1
Mowang (NCO, Spitfire) – Zhang Wei – Zhanshi Gongcheng
Tai Sheng (Chain of Command, Mk12) – Tai Sheng – Gui Feng Xi Zhuang
Group 2:
Zhanshi Yisheng (Doctor) – Xiaoyun – Zhanshi Yisheng (Doctor)


Ramah Task Force
Profile – Name – Model
Group 1:
Khawarij (Mk12) – Muhammad – Khawarij (rifle)
Ghulam (Doctor plus) – Adbul Aziz – Ghulam (Rifle)
Ghulam (Forward Observer) – Hala-Iib (triangle) – Ghulam (rifle)
Ghulam Lieutenant – Suleiman – Ghulam (rifle)
Leila Sharif – Leila Sharif – Leila Sharif
Tuareg (Boarding Shotgun) – Baha’ al-Din – Naga (combirifle)
Tuareg (Boarding Shotgun) – Alim Bashir – Gangbuster (boarding shotgun)
Namurr (Spitfire) – Abu al-Qasim – Naffatun (Heavy Flamethrower)
Namurr (Spitfire) – Ashrah Awad – Naffatun (Heavy Flamethrower)
Fanous remote – A1-1AH – Siriusbot
Group 2:
Ghulam (NCO) – Abdur Rab – Janissary (HMG)
Ghulam (NCO) – Abdul Zahir – Zhayedan (Boarding Shotgun)
Fanous remote – HU-AK-3AR – Bot-template
Fanous remote – SP0-0KY – Ratnik
Warcor – Achmed Atiq – Thamyris

HVT: Free-Lance Stringer

I won the roll off and decided to take deployment, so naturally my opponent decided to take first turn.

Yu Jing 1st turn
He moved up his Mowang and Tai-Sheng and managed to kill 2x fanous remotes and my warcor, but couldn’t press the advantage due to me actually deploying somewhat smart for once.

Haqq 1st turn
I revealed one of the Murabid Tuaregs and managed to take out both his Mowang and his Tai Sheng. I then proceeded to place down a mine with the other Tuareg to pin down his camo marker (Zhencha). I then used the special data tracker order on my data tracker (a Namurr) to score more points at the end of the round. I also moved my 2 NCO Ghulams up to control even more quadrants

Yu Jing 2nd turn
This was a pretty bloody turn. He killed both my Tuaregs, my Khawarij and an NCO Ghulam. However, the Yu Jing commander ended up focusing a bit too much on killing my guys, so he forgot to move his units into position to contest/control the quadrants. Which made me realize that if I did nothing, I would basically win the game.

Haqq 2nd turn. I moved the remaining NCO ghulam into the first group and spent the first 5-6 orders spec firing grenades at his Zhencha. This proved pretty ineffective, and actually allowed him to seize control of a quadrant due to some clever use of dodging. I then moved up my non data tracker Namurr and managed to get his Zhencha out of cover with a spitfire in good range. At this point I was so far ahead on points that the yu jing commander could only hope to make it as costly as possible for me.

Yu Jing 3rd turn
He denied me getting secure the HVT, killed my data tracker and moved his fireteam into position to cause some damage on my 3rd turn. (Sadly he got unlucky and didn’t manage to kill my other Namurr, which then proned itself).

Haqq 3rd turn.
Realizing the only way I could lose was if I did something bold and got my guys killed, I decided to pass my turn, ending the game 5-3.

After game musings:
I managed to deploy reasonably well, which I’m quite happy about. This is probably the first time I haven’t messed up badly with my positioning.
I will have to remember the mine trick with the tuaregs – they’re actually a lot better than I thought, despite the BS 11.
I tried to focus a lot more on objectives and forcing my opponent to make hard decisions rather than just go in guns blazing as I normally do.
All in all it was a very enjoyable game, where I learned a lot about counter-deploying and utilizing your tricks properly.

I’ll add pictures at a later point – for a more thorough battle report (that’s not as bland), be sure to check out my opponent’s version.

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