Asteroid Blues


Destroy Platinum Radian

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Combined Army
Hey Yella


—-++++Eliminate Aleph stronghold. Annihilate all defenders. Expect heavy resistance and firepower. Xeonodrone Batroid Tactical Armored Units release for your disposal. ++++—-

—-++++Xenodrones experience heavy fire. Reports application of force has been doubled. Heavy structural damage to the Aleph stronghold has been recorded. ++++—-

—-++++Xenodrone down. Samaritan and reserve Xenodrone approaching the stronghold flank. Hold for more information…….. ++++—-

—-++++Samaritan down. Xenodrone has penetrated the left flank and has confirmed Aleph kills. Aleph currently attempting a counter attack.++++—-

—-++++Reserve Xenodrone down. Aleph reclaiming flank. Currently attempting pincher movement. Unidrones tasked with elimination. ++++—-

—-++++Heavy firefighting currently in progress. High structural damage to the Aleph stronghold. Report of Asura eliminated. Report now confirmed. Devas now reported in the area. Unidrones taking critical damage. ++++—-

—-++++Samaritan taking charge. Confirming Deva kill. Now confirming second Deva elimination. E.I. processing likelihood of stronghold capture with remaining resources.++++—-

—-++++Likelihood of capture outside of acceptable parameters. Return remaining drones to forward base. Regroup and attempt new assault. ++++—-

We had a fun game. Feel free to check out my friend’s report who did a much nicer job of writing and taking pictures!

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