Asteroid Blues


Blowing each other up at the Battery

Combined Army
VS O-12

The Battlefield

Blue for 0-12 and Red for Shasvastii

Turn 1 - 0-12

These metal structure inhibited Guerra's view of the battle and he didnt like it one bit. Having to rely on the drones to get his view of the battlefield was fine but the pictures appeared to be terrible quality this time...

Anyway onwards and upwards he thought. With the thoughts of bad picture quality pushed out of his mind the advance of the 0-12 forces had begun from his vantage point ontop of a pipe in the shelter of building Guerra could see the enemy TAG (A Zeta the captured communications had called it) starting to climb up the side of a building where the noctifer lay in wait. This would be interesting that Big robot had alot of firepower for Guerra could see the massive Hyper magnetic rapid cannon it carried...

Before the TAG could scale the building from above he could hear a human voice calling out to the speculo killer who was hiding as one of the 0-12 line troopers. With a report of gun fire the Varangian guard had caused the speculo to return fire with a thud and a gasp Guerra breathed a sigh of relief but then with a mighty roar the human rushed towards Hannar the speculo and their blades met with a clashing retort then both fell silent... Damn...

He turned his attention to the firestorm on the other side of the engagement area. Although the Zeta had the weight of firepower behind it the plucky Noctifer had managed to keep it pinned and score a damaging blow to its left side! As the robot moved forward another missile struck home and turned the thing to scrap! Glory to the EI!

Varangian Guard Ygrit thinks something is fishy about the new Kappa
Mutually assured Destruction
The Noctifer tries for a cheeky shot at the end of the TAGs second move scoring a wound... The Zeta did not take kindly to this...
Noctifer Yask claims an unexpected victim... Zeta down! LT Killed
0-12 Engineer secures the first antenna under the rain of debris from the Zeta's Explosion

Turn 1 - Shasvastii

Bouyed by the destruction of the Zeta Guerra urged his forces forward Taigha's screetching and camoflauge troopers skulking.

The troopers called out to a

Shrouded Turok is killed turning on the antenna. Dying as he lived in flames!

Turn 2 - 0-12

With the Zeta down Guerra thought he would have an easier time of it now with the wreckage of the robot smouldering on the structure the feed from the seed soldier's embryo reporting a confirmed kill. Remove the head from the Taigha and the body would die...

However this was proven not the be the case and it seemed the Humans still persisted in their costly advance. First he saw that cursed Engineer running across the open to try and secure the middle Antenna. This could not be allowed to happen and he ordered everyone with a line of sight to it to make the problem go away permanently. With a snap of fire from his hidey hole the shrouded Jhast who carried a killer hacking device put a hole into the chest of the uppity engineer. All according to plan thought Guerra.

With a hiss of terror he saw the vitals spike on his monitor for the Noctifer who with his last gasp of life reported that the "Gamma" unit had managed to take him out. Looking internally Guerra thought this was a loss but not an insurmountable one like pieces on a Xabac board he traded one life for another the death of one Noctifer need not concern him but he would have to deal with that oversized suit of armour...

Then out of nowhere the Q-Drone stationed on the bridge reported movement even with the assisted fire provided by the hacker a sniper ontop of some crates had managed to complete wreck the captured creature contained within the Q-Drone. From his vantage point the Med-tech reported that it was hopeless...

This whole mission is turning into a meat grinder thought Guerra but who will end up holding the controls?

Engineer Rallo tries to be a hero
Gamma Ornstein takes revenge for the loss of his Lieutenant
Epsilon kills the Q drone

Turn 2 - Shasvastii

With a silent command to the Taighas they blitzed forward into the enemy lines... this battle was becoming costly and Guerra did not appreciate this at all...

As the first one attacked the Gamma it was unceremoniously gunned down by the troopers pistol. Such a shame he had liked Taigha 325.

Caliban Zuul stalked his prey above Guerra the Epsilon had left itself exposed on the top of a nearby cargo crate. As Zuul began to devour the human a large projectile crumpled the head of the trooper... Guerra hissed in annoyance another waste of a life while he was enjoying a meal! The indignity of it all burned in Guerra's bile sac.

Seed soldier Grask hatched from his embryo state and messaged Guerra telling him that he would destroy the hulking Gamma unit. Guerra looked forward to seeing this.

To his suprise the giant suit of armour was torn asunder by the hail of bullets and the Gamma slammed to the ground as little more than a pile of meat and metal...

Interesting developments...

Gamma Ornstein executes the Taigha creature at his feet.
The Calibans meal is rudely interrupted by the arrival of a feuerbach shot to the skull...
The seed soldier kills the Gamma in one volley sealing the victory it seems!

Turn 3- 0-12

With the last their last gasps of life Guerra saw the humans try and move forward to capture the last Antenna their so called Alpha was barking orders like the dog he was... but the glorious Shasvastii managed to hold them off so well that they couldn't even get near to the base of the structure that housed it...

Humanity would never learn and they needed to be brought to heel...

The Alpha lives up to his name and takes charge rushing the objective...

Turn 3 - Shasvastii

With the flow of battle turning to his forces Guerra sat back and watched with disinterest as the humans took cover at the Antenna with them not capturing it he was victorious... The victory was minor with heavy losses on both sides this would be a complicated report but atleast he was successful in the end...


Another fantastic game with a regular opponent, Rushforth1980 is always a tough opponent and demonstrated it in this game. The Zeta was unlucky to die to the noctifer and then the Gamma dieing to a combi rifle was quite unlucky.

The mission was quite a tricky one as neither of us really could push the consoles at any point and so it came down to the Antenna in the end.

Thanks for the read and hope you enjoyed it.

Glory to the EI

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