Asteroid Blues


Breaking the law

VS O-12

(A video report of this game in spanish will shortly be made available at Orbital Operations youtube channel).

This was my first ever game against O-12 and was a bit unaware of what I was going to face. We decided
to play Engineering Deck for the Tunguska Bank Office.

O-12 won the initiative and decided to go first. So I make him deploy first on the side with less high ground so my Hollowmen could have good targets.

O-12 Deployment
Bromad deployment.

O-12 Turn 1

Gamma Unit tries to confront the Missile Launcher Hollowman, loses 2 f2f in a row and he gets 2 missiles for his troubles blowning away.
Trying to recover from the hit. The Dakini is buffed and confronts the Hollowman, scoring a crit and several hits, putting into unconscious state. He will then go into suppression securing the advance path to the enemy deployment.
Team Sirius shuffles along to activate the antena closest to their deployment zone.

Bromad turn 1

For starters the clockmaker repaired the HollowMen, in order to recover him for the next turn, but with the Dakini in supression fire, standing up again was a no go.

With the board littered in madtraps, the Morlocks advanced to clear the threat. One of them managed to dodge one koala and got glued by a second one. While on the other flank the other morlock gunned the enemy gangbuster with his assault pistol, deactivating the remaining madtraps.

With the board clear it was time for the puppets to move upfield and activate the antennas. I managed to fail 4 activation rolls in a row, severely crippling my order pool.

Morlock takes the hit protecting bromads from koalas.
While advancing to flank the dakini, a trap is sprung! A sneaky Razor appears shooting the Puppets. It will be Kriza's job to remove the threat.

O-12 Turn 2

Hyppolita starts his mad rush, charging headfirst into a heckler that keeps missing his jammer rolls.
She then superjumps into my sniper nest, killing my Clockmaker before making short work of my hollowmen. The hollow manages to land a chain colt hit, but not enough to stop the greek girl
From her high position she still manages to kill my lieutenant and my puppetmaster before my kriza manages to gun her down from afar.

Bromad turn 2

In loss of lieutenant, my troops scramble around to get better positions, closer to the armory.
My zero deployed a repeater and my interventor tried to oblivion the Sirius to no avail.

Only the morlock on the flank can try to press some advantadge by killing the enemy monstrucker. And trying a shot on the enemy Kappa liaison officer, which fails.

Morlock on the prowl!

O-12 last turn

The enemy liaison managed to kill the morlock and advance on the armory, securing it for O-12.

Meanwhile the Sirius, advanced by dodging and resetting every attempt I did to oblivion the doggy. I didn't manage to score a single hacking or comms attack in this game! The doggo tried to kill my zero in CC but the zero managed to knife him to death. He was made shortwork by the angry Sirius boarding shotgut though.
After killing the Zero, the Sirius got the antenna close to my deployment, securing the area.

Bromad last turn

With very few orders I had to plan each move very carefully. I moved my Kriza to remove the enemy liaison from the armory while my own moved inside while taking control of the enemy HVT.
My last chance to vie for control of the antennas requires for the Jaguar to score a smoke so the interventor could climb down the building and press the antenna. Luck was not on my side today so I missed. With only 2 orders left the only thing left for me to do was to datascan the Sirius for the classified. And at least that I managed to do.

In the end I scored 4 for controlling the armory with my liaison and 2 from classifieds while my opponent scored 4 from having more antennas and 1 extra from classifieds.

Incredibly, victory was snatched from the hands of defeat. I was not really proud of my game, nor my rolls but I guess beggars can't be chosers.

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