Asteroid Blues


Ride of The Red Valkyr

Combined Army
VS PanOceania


This is a direct follow up of the last game "SINISTER CARGO" (Link in comments)

The tractors made their way deeper into the Gallery Maze before reaching another abandoned station and old ore extaction facility, the shasvastii had powered up the fusion pump to baffle scans within the nearby region, the ground itself was smoking as steam rose from the fissures in the asteroid.

The tractors pulled in and the shasvastii workers began to unload the crates in preparation for the arrival of the next phase of the operation, on que the morat taskforce approached.

However the plan had not entirely come to fruition, following the NCA distress call Panoceanan command had dispatched a more aggressive force hot on the tail of the shasvastii.

Cell leader "We are not equipped for combat, our traps will only get us so far against an aware panoceanan force. We must withdraw."

Kornak "They may be expecting Shasvastii however we shall test their warriors resolve with morat steel. Leave the supplies as planned, we shall take the matter from here."

Panoceanan forces

++ Taking up position on the outskirts of the compound ++

Human forces have been drawn to the active fusion pump.


Commander - "Have you found anything Specialist?"

Commander Kornak - "Before they understand what is going on. Commence the assault, Shenar, take point..."

Raicho Shenar - "Yes warrior officer"

The Raicho sprang into action, striding up behind one of the gantry towers drawing line to a sentry fusilier with a HMG.


The fusilier was bisected buy a burst of Anti personnel rounds from the hunting machines Heavy Gauss cannon.

Sliding out a little further Shenar engaged the next target on her display, a Kamau sniper on overwatch in the tower.

The hunting machine strode forwards.

Kornak - "Plans of the facility put the control station as in the building to you're right, trap the area and keep their specialist locked down"

Raicho Shenar - "launching claymore"

The claymore landed in the doorway leading to the control room. The Raicho pushed forward passing the resupply crates quickly and retrieving a modular barrel upgrade for longer range combat* Shenar launched a mine further ahead.

Shenar quickly re-stocked the mine launcher from the supply crate before charging forward towards the pano defensive line.

The claymore exploded scattering the troops taking cover behind the rocks as Shenar launched another, charging recklessly into the enemy.


The Raicho slammed rounds into the fusilier and Joan behind the rock and blasted a chunk out of the Dragao as it's flamethrower splashed around the assault shield.

The artillery TAG fell back behind the fusion pump tower.

Shenar lost in battle hurled towards Jean D'Arc, blasting at her with the Flechette cannon and circling round to engage her without cover, eventually even the Aleph recreation was blown into chunks of armour and lhost under the sustained assault of the war engine


Shenar doubled back charging into engagement range of the Dragao.

Kornak - "Shenar, come in Shenar."

"All units advance in the wake of the Human forces, Kurgat repair the Red Valkyr's Hunting machine."


The Kurgat approached the steaming armour of the the Raicho, it's cooling sinks had all blown their emergency covers, an easy repair and the inventory listing for the supply drop had a full set of spares as well as the sniper cannon the warmachine had already collected from the central box.

The Morat forces were sufficiently replenished, soon it would be time for the next phase.

Post match

So this game is a good advertisement of what happens when you have 12 orders to plough into a raicho and it has enough freedom of movement to go pretty much wherever it wanted. Fire fight was a great mission for this as the panoplies not only gave a a multi sniper rifle (so MULTI HMG, Mine dispenser, Heavy Shotgun and MULTI sniper, literally a gun for every occasion) but it also had a mid field restock of mines.

Joan did a good job of surviving taking some four orders to take down with successive barrages of heavy shotgun.

The Real shocker however was in the final order the Dragao took all three wounds off the Raicho with a reactive flamethrower while simultaneously being KO'd by a H.Shotgun. a hilarious end to a mad if somewhat one sided game.

Thanks For Reading!

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