Asteroid Blues


Burn City Brawl - Unmasking

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VS Yu Jing

-====Mission Report====-
Type: Unmasking
Incoming from Data Recovery team
Code Name: Incognito

Mission LT, Asura Hacker Unit
Code Name: Riot

After recovering data from a particularly obtuse Spiral Corp task force, Team Incognito was deployed to recover data, stolen from the OSS, from a Yu Jing force. The mission required the use of a data recovery specialists, with body doubles to try to ensure their safety. The Yu Jing force has similarly deployed body deploys to protect the carrier of their stolen data. They had attempted an escape through the Garden Maze’s Chimneys.

Having successfully intercepted the Yu Jing force, Incognito waited to break the first wave of attack. A strong push by an enemy Su Jian was momentarily stalled by an OSS Proxy Mark 2 Sniper unit, Code Name: Silent Lamb, however a enemy Yaokong unit, assisted by a Daoying Lt, eliminated the Mark 2 after sustained fire. With the aid of a camouflaged Ninja Killer Hacker, the Su Jian was able to identify and eliminate our data recovery expert, with all the cold, mercilessness expected of the Empire. However the sacrifice of the Mark 2 left the Yu Jing force little time to do anything other than retreat from their successful attack.

Not to be out done, Riot ordered Lamb to push forward with their Mark 5 Forward Observer Proxy, eliminating the ninja hacker and reaching the Su Jian hidden within the Yu Jing lines. Secondary objectives were to identify the enemy data carrier, through left console access, however Lamb failed, too concerned about their push to reach the Su Jian. Having reached the Su Jian from behind Lamb fired but was eliminated by enemy flamethrowers in the process (Something our O-12 partners will surely be interested in). Riot detected the disappearance of a datatracker signifying the death of the Su Jian. In an effort to ensure that it remained deactivated, the Dakini link team engaged a Monstrucker who had previously repaired the Yaokong, and with its death ensuring no revival of the Su Jian unit.

Reeling from a very successful counter attack, the Yu Jing force could do little but attempt to identify another of our body doubles. However their attempt to access the neutral right console failed, costing the life of a Guilang Forward Observer. A Tiger solider also attempted an attack from our left by was only able to eliminate a Lameth remote. From now on the Yu Jing forces were at the mercy of Riot.

-==Follow excerpt is from Code Name: Riot’s account==-
Having our data recovery specialist killed immediately meant that I had to do the heavy lifting once again. As if Spiral Corps wasn’t enough. A Tiger Solider had backed himself into a corner, obviously preparing to lay down a suppressive fire. I just moved around behind him. The middle of the field was clear, thanks to my Dakini’s and I so I rushed the center console.

Accessing it was child’s play and identifying the data carrier, more so. Pushing into the Yu Jing “held” territory, I found the target, eliminated it and retreated, ensuring to identify another body double as I did. Used my Dakinis to see about him. Teach them to attack my HVTs.

I didn’t expect much would come from what was left of the Yu Jing forces. Was a nice to watch my Zayin eliminate a handful of Kuang Shi, running straight at it.
However after securing the Spiral Core’s data and dealing with this Yu Jing force, I was spent. Code name: Lighting, my shotgun wielding Deva friend and my Dakinis saw to the last of the body doubles, and that freaking Tiger solider. Anyway, mission success, awaiting further orders.
-==End of excerpt==-

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