Asteroid Blues


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Yu Jing
VS Nomads

Nomads Turn One

The Jurisdictional Command of Tunguska found it prudent that the Operational Hub of the Jiyuan Quarry be investigated. Nomads intelligence gathering believed that it was a target of significant value due to the amount of resources allocated.

A rather unique deployment with multiple Fireteam options was initially shown to dominate the right flank. It consisted of three Hollowmen, a Kriza HMG, and a Stempler Zond. The Nomads began their assault by linking a Hollow Man with the Kriza and pushed to the Invincible Army`s left flank.
About halfway up the board the Kriza separated from the link and engaged the Yu Jing forces. This clever tactic saved the Nomad forces orders. It was able to move multiple forces up at once using the same order.

The Kriza pushed hard to the left of the Invincible Army and gunned down the Rui Shi with a spit fire who was meant as a counter ambush unit. It was left unguarded and far from help.

After that, the Kriza continued to the Yu Jing deployment zone and began disassembling a Haris link team that consisted of a Yan Huo with two missiles, a Tactical Awareness Zuyong, and a Haidao with Killer Hacking Device. Fortunately for the Yu Jing Forces, the Zuyong managed to evade death after taking a wound. She dropped prone and planned her revenge.

Invincible Army Turn One

In response to the initial assault from the Nomads, the Invincible Army Detachment quickly mobilized but with a significant handicap. Only having six regular orders on turn one certainly made it an uphill battle. The Core Fireteam of a HMG Zuyong, a Tactical Awareness Zuyong, and a Panguiling Remote made a major push for the center of the board. Making great use of their tactical awareness irregular orders, they were able to capture objective points and put the Yu Jing into an early lead. However, since their orders were limited engagements with the enemy were limited as every casualty would limit the Invincible Army`s endurance to finish the fight. One quick shoot out was chanced with the HMG Zuyong trying to eliminate the Hollow Man with missile launcher. Both units suffered one wound before the Yu Jing Fireteam redeployed to a more secure location.

Nomads Turn Two

The Nomad Forces had plenty of resources on their side for this turn. However, given that the Invincible Army had taken such an aggressive position in the center of the field, they focused on clearing out the enemy. The Hollowmen linked up with the Stempler Zond and began a redeployment to get a better attack on the Zuyong team in the center building. Additionally, a hackler jammer moved out and took a position on top of the Yu Jing team and sought total cover. As the Hollowmen link moved out they were able to blast the Haidoa from across the table.

Invincible Army Turn Two

Due to the Nomad excellent redeployment of units, the Yu Jing Fireteam was entirely locked down inside of their building. Nearly all exits were covered by the Hollowmen and the ones that weren’t came with the risk of being isolated by the Heckler unit. However, the Invincible Army had a trick up with Power Armor.

A Zencha with SMG had taken up a central location during its deployment. Utilizing its camouflage and climbing skills the Zencha moved into position and assassinated the Heckler with a surprise attack. This was expected to be a suicide mission but miraculously the unit survived after taking a barrage of gunfire and hacking attacks from the Nomad Forces. With this extremely lucky event the Zencha was able to duck prone and move to another objective to put the Invincible Army even further into the lead!

Both Forces Turn Three

Seeing now that the Yu Jing Army had obtained enough victory points to secure a total win the Nomads began an all out assault on the Invincible Army. The Hollowmen were relentless in hunting and destroying the remaining forces from the Jade Empire. However, the warriors fought bravely and heroically but ultimately to their death. The Zencha was able to annihilate a Hollowman with a D.E.P but was quickly blasted from the rooftop. The Zuyong with his HMG who had already suffered a wound fought hard to allow his fellow Zuyong escape the central room. Had it not been for his efforts, no member from this Invincible Army detachment would have survived to tell of the mission success.

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