Asteroid Blues


Aleph Gambit

Father Knight Luisjoey


From: Liberty Cargo Space Port Brigde maintanance Area. Amazon 33.21
By: Father Knight Luisjoey

After stopping a group of reaving ateks at Amazon 33 Cross Docking Area, we receive an hidden intromissión on the lower maintanance place, and since the operation ENDURING LIBERTY issued by the Hexahedron we were commanded to stop anyone comming without advice with brute force if necesary, specially since ATEKS where bringing illegal weaponry as Father Knight spotted.

Castellan fireteam moved to content any intrussion, but wonder on who was entering.

Commander Victor_BX was my first on the round of the TOURNAMENT at TCG PLAYSTORE
overview of the Battlefield, a maintance engineering area of the docks
Aleph Drone Appeared shooting missile launcher at us without a word or protocol.
few pictures of the begining since it was a timed tournament, but aleph seized initiative and attacked us without mercy, leaving us with 5 miniatures

As we spotted the Daleth Remote Sargeant Order Tobias get cracked in pieces by a missile launcher while the knight fire team endured evading and shooting back the panzer faust, while the Aleph repaired quickly the remote fire team composed of a Deva hacker engineer and several dakini as our maintanance cameras spotted.

The first momentum was a mess: only 2 Magister, 1 Knight hospitallier, Santiago Knight Hacker and Father Knight Luisjoey standing on feet, but that doesn´t stop us from do god will to defend the civil position from any intrussion, being of whoever it´s.

Crusader O. Përez outflank them stealing the momentum shooting with his shotgun, dealing with the HMG dakini... but was not completely destroyed as he was shot down by Deva operative
Remaining knights advanced forward to engage the enemy Fireteam led by a vile deva operative.
Father Knight Luisjoey engaged with the Aleph proxy engineer, spotting her but falling to a lucky critical from her.
Never so many owe so much to so few...

Knight hospitallier move and heal his companion Hospitallier that bring up another magister and several of the brothers; but where a bit too far from father knight luisjoey to help.

Knights healed advanced toward the center shooting everything on sight since the Santiago Knight killed the fireteam by himself and dealt out with a Heavy rocket proxy post human....

Knight Hospitallier advanced to take the mid part of the battlefield, Santiago Knight with his killer hacker device was looking for enemies surround him, on the other side and a very wounded magister knight called Severin stood holding the own line of battle; giving the day to us.

Father Knight Luisjoey shall be treated on his wounds but stable now and soon will be back defending the Liberty Cargo Holdings and citizen safety.

Knights wounded but stood for the hyperpower! #DEUSVULT
Playing the tournament at TCG store
Commander Victor a good friend and strategist, almost wiped me out, i remounted with only 3 orders and without sargeant in 2 and 3 turn :O
me sad counting my 3 orders... but having IMPETUOUS and frenzy its good these days!
Shaking hands before and after battle.



Panoceania: 9 (131)
Aleph: 1 (54)

First round of a TOURNAMENT set for the campaing with the scenarios by random pairing, most of the games on the first round was frontline. few pictures since was timed match.

Haqqislam storming the frontline defended by panoceania SirLuisXVI

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