Asteroid Blues


Betrayal at the Maze

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Father Knight Luisjoey
Overview of the Tunnel


From: Gallery Maze Tunnel 7824
By: Liutenant Katrinka form Neoterra Bolts

"We have been lost in the deep of the tunnels, signal transmitter have being jammed by several location nodes being destroyed by the smuggler forces and maybe the combined army, on a point we were setting a new PAC transmitter but intercepted a disruption signal close by, so we move to see what up.

Neoterra bolts fire team STRIKE FORCE THETA ready to operate within the tunnels.

As we set the troops in position, we spotted the presence of an Unidentified signal that advanced toward our position, as Hacker Locust P. Quill was down to killer hacker programs SKULLBUSTER that cracked him down.

An Unknow fireteam advances and killed our spotters.
Our suveillance camera connected detected a shak ti operative that brought down our Hacker Pointdexter and search for supplies, taking Disruptive Device ODD

Suddenly we realized they are after our Locator Beacon PAC so we turn on the alarm on the Vhetta haris force on the east, that engaged with a yadu that shot SMG at us; the Fireteam was set on the control room of the instalation, and they are peeking on what we do here

the enemy fireteam checking on the control safe room for information
after clearing the path our liutenant Auxilia Katrinka advanced to throw her auxbot bringing down the Rudra and wounding the yadu

Then our Neoterra operative advanced with her boarding shotgun destroying the remaining of the rudra and bringing down Shakti and the rest of the team, the force made it and destroyed the whole fire team as the rest of our team brought down our enemies.

But a wild andromeda appeared close to our Pac and with her Dcharges make 2 structural damage leaving on the low function the pac.

We put our enemies into retreat quickly but with few chances to get close their PAC, our Locust Agent Pocket tried by jumping over the roof of the safe room, but our Fireteam Theta, with the remaining bolts engaged with a dire DEVA know as andreph, that was brought down in a serious firefight, but their turn comes and they have done what they came for, damage our change of getting out of this cursed cave.

They have Victory in death (retreat)


Panoceania: 2
Aleph SSO: 5

Was a definitive victory to aleph that played to retreat once done damaged and saved his pac, well played.

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