Asteroid Blues



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Father Knight Luisjoey
Rogue Mad IA ANDREPH went against us at Liberty Cargo Admin Building

Overview of the deployment


FROM: Liberty Cargo Administrative Building Data Storage
BY: Commander Knight Ludwig Von Krieg from the Teuton

Hail UberComander; As we were sent to secure the Administrative building after the raids of Ateks and Punks, and some presumable aliens; we engaged a strong force of oppossing force by aleph, that was headed toward our beacon host where some of the Hexahedron paydata was out.

As the OPERATION CLEANSE HOUSE was issued by the High Command of the Hexahedron, from the voice of father knight Luisjoey, to clear all our position we cannot have mercy to those who tresspass without permission, even if it´s the very same aleph in flesh.

Knight´s get close to protect the beacon with the paydata
a clean overview of the battlefield instalations, the Admin Building Maintanance door
Knights seize iniative and advance toward the enemy.


Joan of arc make her western move on herself, being pinned down to NWI by Dakini Sniper on a fireteam with a rogue CSU that killed brother Tobias with his missile launcher (We pray for his soon resurrection and the purify of their soul) so the knights launch a warcry advancing and shooting on the yadu fireteam killing 2 of them outright.

as Knight advanced and shoot; they spotted a Aleph Red Beacon to see whats the data they are looking for So the Knight Teuton Von Krieg was designed the Data Tracker
we spotted this proxy... what number it´s she? number 3 or 4 ? with 2 smg and forward observer?
a hiddeus sniper proxy appeared from atop and pinned knights down in a firefight where von krieger shoot and took the cursed bot.
Then a group of SSO intel IA operative took place and sneak on our position.
after most of her team was dissabled, a rageous asura appeared on the knights shooting with her combi on all of us wounding many and evading the panzerfaust
a team job made it to bring down that colossal creature that seem indestructible, as it fades into pieces as it´s souls abandon it.
Joan of arc advanced to outflank them dealing with remaining dakini even coup the gracing one in the midst of the battle to secure they wont come back
Earlier we spotted the Proxy using some kind of drug nanobyte on the CSU that has metachemstry, are they doing the same as the praxis??? Bureau Toth shall check this out.
After ending with most of the opposition we advanced, wounded but firm to take on the last order the beacon since the enemy was in retreat in next turn;we only have the body of a dead rogue CSU we captured for synaptic interrogation


Mission: Capture and Secure

Panoceania MO: 9 (285 pts)
Aleph SSO: 1 (0pts)

Was a fierce first turn and first time for aleph against this scenario, a shoot out between us were fortune favour us this day since our cause it´s just.

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