Asteroid Blues


First Contact Protacol

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VS Combined Army

The brave men and women of the O-12 were deployed in defence of the Shasvastii infiltration force.

Having very little to go on, they deployed first, ready to take the fight to the evil alien scum.

With the Alpha in charge, he held back his 2 big guns the Epsilon and Gamma. This left both Gang-buster to push forward, sending their mad traps out to cover as much of the midfield as possible. The Varigian Guard were pushed out to the flanks, with orders to run forward and cover with smoke, while the Sirius took a central position, so she could cover either flank if threatened. Learning from his last encounter with the Shasvastii, the Alpha took a defensive position inside the old monorail engine, with his doctor on standby. The Engineer and FO Kappa took up coving positions, so they could either defend the Alpha or push forwards.
All the while, a local warcor was observing from a central position high up on the walkway.

As expected the Alien menace, only revealed a handful of targets, A Gwailo HMG, Doctor Worm and a Q Drone with Plasma, everything else was a shadowy masked figure, waiting to kill innocent humans.

Turn 1: O-12
With both Varigians running up the flank, they took position to offer assistance if required.
Epsilon was assigned to neutralise the alien sympathiser (Designated Target) and got straight to work, unloading his HMG and leaving a bloody corpse.
Not to be outdone, Gamma relocated on the walkway to try and get a better shot at Dr Worm, but caught the attention of the Noctifer with Missile Launcher. After the a brief exchange, the Noctifier was feeling a little worse off.
Having been given all the toys, Epsilon took aim on the Noctifier, who swiftly returned fire. Unfortunately the Epsilon hadn’t reloaded his HMG (well that is what he said) and took a Missile to the face. He must of forgotten to put his armour on as well, failing all 3 saves…
Gamma took it upon himself to then clean up the mess, in the process he put a wound on the Gwailo, who hid like the coward the Shasvastii are, quickly followed by the Malignos and Dr Worm making us of the cover to get out of harms way.
In an attempt to try and secure the left flank, Delta 2 walked on, but was shot at by a Shrouded, who had been hiding just outside of my killer hackers range.

Turn 1: Shas
The Caliban with spitfire moved forward gunning down the Gamma and Gang-buster on the right flank, followed by the Gwailo taking out the other on the left.

This gave the Shasvastii the opening they wanted and a second Caliban moved up to the first antenna to activate it, but failed. Rather than try to push the advantage and take the antenna, the Q Drone moved up to support along with the Gwailo, who took out the Sirius, shooting her in the back…

Turn 2: O-12
Having taken the early lead, but suffering heavy loses, both groups consolidated.
Calling in Delta 1 for support, he quickly fell to the Mentors Boarding shotgun.
With all hope lost of victory, Engineer Augstino lead the charge with the warcor in support. Taking out the Gwailo, blinding the Q Drone and forcing the caliban to fall back, he activated the closest antenna and destroyed it with his D-Charges, before trying to make it to cover…

Turn 2: Shas
With the Q Drones lenses cleaned, it staggered forward, gunning down poor Augstino, before stumbling just outside my deployment zone and killing the HVT.
While this was happening, the Caliban had moved up, Activated the antenna and destroyed it with her own D-Charges. She even had time to move up and take control of the 2nd antenna.

Turn 3: O-12
Having lost the lead and most of the troops, a quick count up was on order, luckily we were still in the fight.
The remain Varigian charged forwards, hoping to take out the Q Drone, but was taken out by the Caliban with a lucky shot.
With choices running out, the Kappa was ordered to move up, removed the Caliban from existence and reclaim the antenna for the human race. Believing in himself, he did just that and even got into position to cover the antenna from a possible Shas retake.

Turn 3: Shas
Having gone from an easy win, to an inevitable defeat, the Shrouded moved up, using the landing pad ramp as cover to sneak up on the Kappa, who calmly put a bullet between his eyes, quickly followed, buy a bullet to each eye as well.
In a desperate attempt to only suffer a minor defeat, the remaining Caliban and Malignos crawled forward and made sure that the Humans didn’t have any video footage of the battle, by melting the poor warcor with plasma weaponry. This distraction was enough to allow the Malignos to move up and claim a second antenna.

Although Epsilon was forgetful and lost his life, his sacrifice has won the first battle for the humans…

Drawn on 2 antenna activated each (2 points)
Drawn on 1 antenna destroyed each (2 points)
Both killed the Designated Target (2 points)

Minor victory for O-12 as killed the target with the Data Tracker (2 objective points)

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