Asteroid Blues


Сave collision

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VS Haqqislam
Small retarded fish

My opponent win wip roll and take first turn.

On deployment my opponent set Al-Djabel on table as a model and assign him datatracker.
I decide assign Shakti.

First game round.
Opponent turn
Al-Djabel is unlucky and spent 3 orders to kill my designed target. All remaining orders he spent to pass in marker state to Shakti and kill her in close combat.

My turn.
Dakini sniper kill govad sniper who stand on aro. Yadu FO kill muttawi in armory. Proxy mk2 spent 2 orders to kill designated target of my opponent.

Second game round.
Its time to destroy some antennas.
Farzan FO designate antennas number 1,4 and 7. All remaining orders govad with missle launcher shoot this antennas by ordinary orders and lean outs.
As a result antennas 7 and 1 were destroyed.
In my turn Yadu FO come into the armory and designate antennas 2,3,6 and 9.
Dakini sniper successfully destroy 3,6 and 9, but cannot shoot in number 2. Rudra gunbot deal 2 damage to antenna 2 and all orders is gone.

Last game round my opponent intercepts antenna 2 and successfully destroy her by Leila with d-charges.Also he finished antenna number 4. He try to destroy antenna in center but he did not have enough orders.

In my last turn yadu intercept centrall antenna, dakini sniper damage antenna 8, try to kill asawira< unlucky fall unconscious. Proxy mk1 repair dakini, and now i just shoot and destroy antenna 5 by dakini sniper no matter what. On last two orders mk1 put d-charges on antenna 8 and successfully destroy her.

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