Asteroid Blues


Just Gotta Grid My Teeth

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VS Yu Jing
The newly reorganized Hiki designed to actually accomplish the Grid, after the near-disaster of the first attempt at it.
This time, the clutter is on the left and the open fire lanes are on the right.
The Invincible Army, looking to punish the traitors who fled to the protection of O-12.
With the opposing designated target on the right, a lot of action is gonna be happening on that building.

Turn 1

HMG Dakini and data tracker, forward observer Sirius get it done....or blown up. Same thing

Using the Sirius bot's repeater, the Cyberghost lays down a white noise so the overwatching MSV2 Haidao can't interfere in the Sirius's and Dakini's operations on the right. After getting boosted with marksmanship 2, the Dakini moves up to shoot an exposed Zhanshi HMG from the center of the board. It then uses its speed to shift right and shoot an exposed Zhanshi FO. Finally, it tries to pick a fight with the Haidao, revealing the Hac Tao missile launcher in the center of the enemy's DZ. Both the Dakini and Sirius bot get blasted to pieces, accomplishing only a single wound on the Haidao, despite the surprise.

On the other side, the Epsilon takes the opportunity to shoot the revealed Hac Tao, knocking the Hac Tao unconscious, but also getting knocked unconscious by a piece of falling rubble. This allows the Sirius trooper to stand up and knock the designated target unconscious.

Meanwhile, the Haidao and Hac Tao are successfully healed by the yisheng doctor and yaozao respectively. The Haidao then opens fire on the boosted Peeler in the center and exposed Sirius, who takes a hit, but survives and drops prone. The Peeler is wrecked beyond repair.

Turn 2

The sirius wiggles over a bit, before suicidally standing up to target the two consoles in the opposing DZ, doing so successfully on both. The Cyberghost drops white noise and a varagian uses smoke to allow the sniper Dakini to shift around, shooting DA rounds down-range at the two targeted consoles. The consoles prove extremely resilient, as the Dakini has trouble hitting through the saturation zone, but go down eventually. The Dakini is then boosted and posts up on the left to try and slow down the Mowang.

Jokes, there's no slowing down a Mowang.

The Yaozao tries running to heal the designated target, but gets crit by a now-decloaked Razor.

Turn 3

The Delta gets shifted to what's left of group 1. It steps on the side of the board near the final enemy DZ console, proning to get there unseen. Once at the console, it targets it, then plants all three D-Charges. The monstrucker spends all its orders blowing all three d-charges to finally bring down the stubborn console.

Putting faerie dust lets the Cyberghost crit the Mowang before it can go on a rampage.

Before getting lucky crit, the Mowang steps out and pulps the offending Razor. It continues forward to kill the kuge, but gets crit oblivioned, stopping it dead in its tracks. Using coordinated orders, the final FO and yisheng move forward. The FO is able to target 3 consoles, but runs out of orders, while the doctor is able to bring back the designated target.

Dat long-shot boarding shotgun crit, though.
Darned yisheng, bringing the points super tight and making it a darned close game.


Argh, I'd have liked to put a lot more effort into this BR, but I'm outta time T,T. This game, my buddy failed a TON of armor saves, basically keeping me in the game, haha. Two hits on the Hac Tao, two failed armor saves. The exception was his unkillable Haidao, hah, whom I spent the whole game just avoiding like the plague using White Noise.

I blew up more consoles, but we tied in targeted consoles *phew*. He got his liaison point while mine had sacked himself, haha.

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