Asteroid Blues



VS PanOceania
Slightly different Hiki from usual; I tried swapping out one of my Razors for a spitfire Delta.
I forgot to take a picture earlier, showing the Omega on the ground floor and a Kamau HMG in the very back. The Omega took full advantage of the mission's saturation zone to pick an advantageous fight with burst 3 vs ARO burst 1, putting the Kamau HMG down and clearing the firing lane.
Again, I forgot to take the picture earlier. This is the corner the Omega used to catch the Kamau MSV2 sniper out of cover, again taking advantage of the saturation zone to negate the linked advantage, with B3 on BS14 vs B1 on BS16. The Omega lost the first fight, took a wound, but was able to knock the sniper down on the next order.
The end of my first turn. Key pieces being the Epsilon suppressing in the middle of the board, the Omega suppressing on the right, and a Varangian + Sirius fairly far forward on the left. I had spent a lot of orders on trying to kill the Kamau and getting the Omega and Epsilon into position to suppress, so didn't have the orders to more adequately hide the somewhat exposed Sirius
The Varuna turn opens with the Orc HMG on the left with linked fusilier buddies pushing forward. He schelacks the Sirius with a crit.
He then pushes further forward, outside the suppression range of my Epsilon, who then is forced to take a single shot in ARO. Boom, headshot. Epsilon gets crit and also goes unconscious.

With the Kamau HMG down on the right-hand side of the board, the suppressing Omega effectively prevented a 3 more Kamau and Patsy Garnett from being able to move. Futilely hoping for a crit, my opponent sacked 1 Kamau and then Patsy, attempting to root out the suppressing Omega. He forgot about the -12 modifier limit and neglected to consider throwing a nimbus plus grenade to even the already awful odds.

Well and truly desperate, my buddy tried stepping into my backline with an Echo-Bravo, hoping to avoid getting flash-pulsed by both a kytta and warcor. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be and the Echo-Bravo got stunned. This left him exposed to my turn, wherein I spent an order on the Peeler to step back a bit and hose the exposed Echo-Bravo, pulping him
He had also run out of orders on his Orc HMG, which left him in a position to get charged by the cornered Varangian. The Varangian took the opportunity to move forward, shotgun, then close combat. Thanks to berserk and the light shotgun, the Orc went unconscious.

With all his heavy hitters dead or with no hope of revival, my buddy decided to concede. He was really beating himself up over forgetting about saturation and how it drastically reduces the effectiveness of AROs by fireteams. While the list seems bizarre with its funky order split, he has made the list work before and it's pretty interesting to watch. However, with this deployment and with the way he deployed, it was unfortunately fairly easy to isolate targets and then pin down an entire combat group on my right.

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