Asteroid Blues


Cool Guys Fumble Explosions

VS Combined Army
The Hiki

Designated Target: informant Akasaka Saya
Ex-Domaru, now Alpha Lt. (on a bike....? XD): Sonozaki Saion
Pangguling: Jack
Ex-Hsien, now Omega: Zheng Yang
Ex-Guilang, now Sirius: Yishan Chen
Ex-pilot, now Varangian Guard: Takeda Yuuko
Ex-pilot, now Varangian Guard: Shou Akemi
Ex-Oniwaban, now Razor: Furude Shitatsu
Ex-Raiden, now Epsilon: Uesugi Tarou
Ex-Guifeng, now CyberGhost: Mikazuchi Shinta
Ex-Tokusetsu, now Lambda: Hojo Shirou

Ex-Tiger, now Delta: Li Ziyi
Ex-Husong, now Peeler: Yama-1
Ex-Chaiyi, now Kytta: Yama-3 and Yama-5
Warcor: Takano Miyu

That asteroid area of operations, though (clearly we need better terrain to suit the campaign T,T)

Thanks to the efforts of the ex-kuge, Akasaka Saya, a Combined base of operations had been discovered in a set of abandoned warehouses. The copious detritus and lack of passerby certainly made it easy to hide. The Hiki rapidly deployed, so as to be able to extract Akasaka before the Combined could retaliate; the guttural voices echoing through the asteroid's corridors announced the arrival of Morat. It'll certainly be a hot extraction.

Prior to the game starting, my buddy wound up swapping out the Ikadron and proxy Ikadron for one more Morat Vanguard. Neither of us realized that he was 8 pts down until after the game ended XD
The Hiki leaps into action!

Belatedly, Sonozaki wished there had been another forward observer besides Yishan and Li. Yishan clearly is tasked with charging forward to deal with the Combined counter-informant, so serves as a terrible liaison officer, as he won't be doing much liaising for too much longer. She also laments the lack of anti-material weapons. The opposing force is clearly prepped and ready for this engagement, while hers has all the look of being hastily thrown together and hurled out to fight. It will come down to Hojo detonating all the d-charges when they're all planted. Not one, or two, but THREE Sogarats are looking down their sizable gunbarrels at the newly deployed troops.

Predictably, Yishan follows his orders to the letter, moving forward, planting a d-charge on the first console, then targeting and planting a d-charge on the next. He pauses to peek with the bot around the corner before charging out, engaging the overwatching Feuerbach-armed Sogarat with a flash pulse to try and blind the darned monkey. The Sogarat's immense strength enables it to break out of two volleys of glue before Yishan is forced to break away to engage the designated target. Of course, the instant he does, the Sogarat lands an explosive round, pulping Yishan as Yishan's shotgun strikes true, bringing down the traitor.

Get to ze choppah!

Using the remaining orders, the Omega moved forward to suppress a corner, with the Husong moving up behind to help cover from up on high.

Immediately, the Sogarats moved forward to assault. The Husong almost instantly evaporated to the sustained barrage from a Sogarat's feuerbach. The Omega dueled the HMG Sogarat over several bursts before being driven out of line-of-sight by a fluke shot that punched straight through the Omega's armor.

As the Sogarat's assault falters, the Varangian takes the opportunity to step forward and throw a smoke grenade to cover the DZ's center console for the engineer, who immediately moves forward to secure the consoles in the DZ, while setting a d-charge. On the left, the Cyberghost secured the console in the DZ there. Smirking, the engineer hit the detonate button..... One explosion went off. In confusion, he pressed the button again, to only have yet another d-charge detonate. Things were....not going as planned, as all were supposed to go off at the same time, destroying 4 consoles at once.

Cool Guys

Meanwhile, the Morat FO stood up and easily forward observed the 4 consoles there. The Sogarats then began pumping anti-material rounds into them. The consoles proved surprisingly tough, with feuerbach salvos slamming into them over and over, but went down just the same. Clearly in command of most of the field, the medtech moved out, getting ready to bring back the unconscious designated target.

Meanwhile, clearly, the Hiki had to do something drastic to pull the objectives back into their favor, with the Morat having destroyed more consoles and currently tied on the secured consoles, with the final console in the enemy DZ. Somehow, the final morat specialists had to die. With that in mind, the Omega, somehow ignored with all the explosions going off everywhere, stepped out on the left, gunning down first a Vanguard missile launcher, failing to kill an FO, who dropped out of LOS. He then kept going around the corner, pulping the exposed medtech.

This let the delta step on near the final console. She stepped forward, but failed repeatedly to target the final console.

The last two remaining vanguard FOs stood up to try and target the final console. The first one failed and went down to the razor's shotgun, who had to decloak to do so. The second one also failed and went down to the hits from the razor and Omega. Unable to target the final console and unable to get close to the retreating kuge, the Sogarats turned their full attentions to the Razor and Omega, pulping them both.

The board at the end....sort of <,<


Boy howdy, were we retarded, haha. We completely forgot about the dangerous terrain until the Omega started firing on the left; fortunately, he passed his armor saves. We also didn't realize that only the consoles in the enemy DZ counted for destroyed consoles until after the scores were put in. I was dumb, cuz I thought that all d-charges are detonated with a single order, but, it's only 1 d-charge per order, so my plan to detonate all the consoles at once flopped hard. This was made even funnier when we counted up the points and realized my buddy was 8 pts under 300 or somesuch?

Grolious flopping around by both of us. Mostly by me and eeking it out just because I knocked the designated target unconscious at the start with my data tracker.

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  • Lady Numiria says:

    Despite the odds, you did well, good work Officer!

  • Glaive_Commander says:

    Combined Army Will never back with more strength

    Glaive Commander infiltrator specialist leader of the Black Order

    “I will flay the skin from your flesh and the flesh from your bones and scrape your bones dry. And still you will not have suffered enough.”

  • Glaive_Commander says:

    sorry for the combined army lost

  • Mike_the_scrivener says:

    Great report and awesome win!

    certainly an interesting list and proxies.

  • EDOCGenKip says:

    lol, you tell me XD. It was…not a smart list, aaaaat alllll, and it showed, haha. I thought I was so cool, thinking that I could plant D-charges in turn 1, then detonate them all on turn 2 with one order. Super efficient, super cinematic BD. Instead, super bad, and hoooo dear goodness, was I getting crushed for most of the game

  • Cyberpotato says:

    Why this list for O-12?