Asteroid Blues


Joan's revenge

VS Haqqislam

Hi guys,
this is my first attempt at a report from yesterday. It was also my 3rd game ever! I had previously played against my opponent in this report, 3 days prior. He had beaten me good. This time, Joan of Arc took her revenge!
Joan brought 2 crusagers with shotgun, 1 Father-knight with spitfire, 1 knight hospitalier with hmg, a black friar with multi-sniper, 4 Order Sergents (3 combi rifle, 1 heavy rocket). Father Knight was the leader of a 5 model fireteam, the others being the O.S. 2nd group was a Order Sergeant Paramedi, 1 Tech-bee and 1 Warcor.

I had won to go first, and my opponent had me deployed first. Picture 1 and 2 are after deployment. I had also won, from the mission rolloff, a Fat Yuan Yuan mercenary.

Military Order Turn 1.

I am bad a deployment. Guess it will come with experience. Anyway, Father-Knight tries to take out the enemy on top of the tallest building. 3 guys AROed with Panzerfaust! Father-knight survives, but not his target, who became unconscious. Tried again for another target on another roof (the closest guy in the building with 3 guys on top). This time the Father Knight died, but it exhausted the Panzerfaust on top of that building.
I decided to drop the Fat Yuan Yuan. Booty roll was +2 armor. Not bad at all. Came in from the side with his shotgun, and started to some damage.

Haq Turn 1

My opponent has a Spitfire Regen Guy leading a 5 men fireteam. He also has a Token moving around and coming up behind my sniper to kill him with his knife. Not used to close combat, the Sniper raised his rifle and accidentaly renders his attacker unconscious, even before facing the danger! (Yup, a critical does that apparently). So he looked at the unconscious guy, shrugged and resume his position!
Then, he unloaded at my Knight Hospitalier. But having cover, and equipped with a HMG, he survived with no damage.

Military order turn 2.

Joan gave the order to the Paramedic to join the 1st group and form a 5 models links under the leadership of the O.S. with the Heavy Rocket Laucher.
A Crusader dropped on a rooftop, right behind his enemy and blasted him away with his boarding shotgun. Then, he moved closer to the railing on the rooftop and, to his surprised, saw the enemy HVT! 2 orders later, I had completed my 2 objective cards! Some more shots, specialy from Shotgun and HMG, more unconscious guys, and my turn is over.

Haq turn 2.

My opponent really hates my Knight Hopitalier with his HMG and cover. Like really really hates it! lol. The Spitfire guys, brought down with some crit shots from the shotgun, regenerates and leads a team again. He takes out the Heavy Rocket Launcher O.S. Tried AGAIN to take out the HMG. Nope. This time, the HMG made him unconscious again. How come he keep sleeping on the job? Then, my opponent was finally able to take out the mercenary. Some Haq guys finally takes out my crusader. The rest tried AGAIN for the K.H. Nope again! A grenade launcher launches a grenade on the unconscious Order Sergeant, killing him and putting 2 more O.S. unconscious. There goes my O.S. link!

Military Order turn 3.

Surprise!! I have ANOTHER crusager! Dropped on a mine, survived (!!!) and finished of the spitfire-regeneration-annoying Haq guy. Joan coordinated some repositionning, having the Knight Hospitalier more up to have a different covering angle while keeping his cover. Same for the Black Friar. Tech-Bee and Warcors moved to cover some lanes with Flash Pulse. Who knows. Some more Haq guys dies. If 1 enemy moves, he is toasted! Or Sniped. Or HMGed. You get the idea….

Haq turn 3.

Seeing how God is on Joan’s side, the remaining troops of Hassassin Bahram surrendered.

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