Asteroid Blues


Bottom Inspection Go

Yu Jing
East of Irem

A chilled out afternoon playing infinity at nerdy coffee co in Shrewsbury (shameless plug).
We agree on unmasking with foreign co to deploy first, and go first.
Deployed as below.
Foreign company brings a 3 man bolt/hannibal/massacre link. A kriza, specialist CSU, akalis AHD, armbot and Kaplan haris with laxmee.
I play daoying hacker Lt, lunah, kuang Shi Shi pack, Yan huo, krakot, pheasant KHD. In group 2 the tiger is fueled by Xi, husong, yisheng and chaiyi.

Foreign company begins with a really smart play bringing in the alkali commando, using carbonite to immobilise the husong. Follow up shots by the missile launcher bolt remove the total reaction bot easily in a normal roll!
32" maximum length in the crowded bottom renders the Yan huo largely useless at ARO in the first turn. Kriza and CSU push up and ignore the enormous HI.

Slow but effective turn 1 from foreign company, sets them up for a push in later turns. lost orders on massacres eclipse throws were a blessing. Laxmee and the kaplans still in reserve, but the bolt missile launcher covers the akalis rear end along with the entire right side board edge and a cautious coordinated suppression covering the midfield gives me some problems to solve.

Right from the start Kuang Shi #3 somehow beats Hannibal's suppression fire with his pistol, wounding, pushing him back into the building and buying Yu Jing some space.
Yan huo uses the elevator to reach the roof, only one dice thanks to neuroC but after taking a wound he knocks out the armbot. CSU and kriza dodge prone whilst we are still outside 32 I don't blame them!
Daoying LT charges up to the nearest console and uncovers a decoy in my DZ! Recamo and push up the krakot, chaiyi and kuang shi#1 to keep her safe.
Major Lunah really earns her pay here, taking down the kriza with 2 orders, the beast needed to go.

Some points on the board gives veonix some pressure. He drops some eclipse to take lunah out of the equation then sets up laxmee and the Kaplan haris to take out my obvious Lt!

The Kaplan's show no respect for kuang shi#1, a complete disregard for flash pulse (bts6 is real good) discovers the daoying and puts her down real easy.
The krakot gladly trades his life to chain rifle the Kaplan however.
By the power of teamwork! Using a wise co-ordinated order the foreign company eliminate lunah with massacre, bolt ML, CSU contributing. Lunah rolls a 20 in confusion and dies in a fire...

Im now missing some key pieces but the scores for the game look good for me. I feel like I can focus on points this turn (spoiler: shouldve stuck to killing stuff). that akalis is still in suppression in my DZ and massacre is all up in my business. I need to keep the last few Foreign co specialists away from consoles. My pheasant rank takes command (CoC rules), and with his KHD he can set to work investigating these dodgy HVTs.

Kuang Shi #4 has to run into the decoy, doesn't do so good
Yan huo just needs one shot to put the CSU and kriza out of business for good.
Pheasant Lt performs some nice moves, cautious and otherwise pushing Hannibal back again, but spends too many orders I end up with the middle console but only detect another decoy, the real one was that shasvaasti the whole time! I end up in a very vulnerable spot mid table, I curse my greediness, 5 remaining orders + an Lt order didnt leave a lot room for error. Durian inspectors beware!
To rescue my poor position I loose the tiger. She removed that irritating bolt missile launcher gets inside the building and takes Hannibal from behind. Thats LoL by my reckoning. Can veonix LoL me right back?
Yes... Yes he can, the Kaplan haris gets there in one!
Astonishingly, laxmee runs the Yan huo, chaiyi, kuang shi2 and Xi zhaung to score the middle console for foreign co!

A very unexpected turn of events, veonix burns his last command token and survives 2 normal rolls from a total of 7(!) AROs. Well it's even again...

Kuang Shi 4 overcomes his shyness and kills the decoy
Flush with success he takes out the akali too
Yan huo removes laxmee from the midfield with extreme prejudice. My yisheng takes out massacre in a strange twist but Xi cant reach the 3rd console his little legs give out 1/2 short(Lol is tough).

Highly entertaining game ends 3-2 to Yu Jing by the whisker of one dead decoy. With both data trackers dead, no dtvs discovered, the durian inspection team needs some more training in thorough investigative techniques, intuitive guilt determinance, and maybe just common sense. If it looks like an alien it probably is.

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Yu Jing
East of Irem