Asteroid Blues


Stoaway Cargo

Durian Khaar
VS Combined Army

This was a small Supplies game against Combined Army, 150pts. We used the Wildfire Shasvastii and a small Haqqislam Combat Group.


Haqqislam lost the Lt. Roll, so Combined took first turn.
Playing mindgames, the Hunzakut was actually deployed on the “wrong side”. This did not play out the way it was supposed to, but luckily it did not affect the game overall.

The Shrouded opens the Box, lays a mine and waits for the Caliban to walk further past. For some Reason I decided to use the Hunzakut as a distraction and revealed him in order to discover the Caliban (which failed). Of course the Shrouded thanked me that by lying down another mine directly in front of the Hunzakut. The Caliban tried to get to the other side, where the Daylami was still in Camo. But as it was obivous, that there would be no Specialist it was not really necessary to push onwards. Well the multiple overlaying AROs might have helped.

The Caliban had to be taken care of, given that I only knew that it is a Camo Token at the moment. I was trying with the Djanbazan, but it failed. So much for the best Equipment for the Job. Then the Daylami tried his luck and promptly critted the Discover. Well, sometimes you just have to give the cheap units a try. But for hunting down that beast, the Djanbazan was called. However the Caliban dodged out of sight, or so he thought. Eager to redeem himself, this guy climbed up a building and reached a position where he was not threatened, but could see the Calibans placement. Cornered, the CA Monster went down. Now there was only the problem of the Mines and the Hunzakut….Move-Dodge-SURVIVED!
But: Combined controlled one Box, while Haqq did not...2-0 for Combined

Getting that Box secured was most important. So the Shrouded walked back and gave the box to a Nox trooper. Trying to secure the second Panoply, another Nox walked up the right side. He tried to shoot up the Daylami, but was promptly rendered unconcious.

Now it was time for the Hunzakut. He ran around the map, securing the Box and hid behind a billboard. The Djanbazan found another opening and took out the Shrouded.

Both parties now had a box, 3-1 for Combined

The Djanbazan was a threat to the Nox with the box. So the Mentor decided to threaten the enemy box aswell. Moving forward onto the left flank and shot at the group of Jannissary, Ghulam and Naffatun. But it seems like somebody had held their hand above these guys: Only the Ghulam went unconcious.

It was time for a wrap up. The Djanbazan shot down the Nox with the box, and to put insult to injury my Doc killed the Mentor. That turned the game around.

Controlling one box in the end, vs. none on the combined side resultet In a 3:4 win for Haqqislam.

You see, there was heavy thinking involved.

Dreaded Suspicions

Halifa paced up and down in her command chamber. They had received their team members back from the Nomad security (see:, but the knowledge gained by the rescue team had stirred up the Commanders insides (see:
On a comfy chair sat Husam Operative Leila Sharif bowed over her glass of tea. “Could you stand still just for a moment? You’re not helping me concentrate.” - “And how can you sit still, while we know that there are Shasvastii Infiltrators even her in Human Edge,” Halifa snapped at her, ”What if we help those Aliens without even knowing.” - “Well, your step count won’t change anything with that situation now, would it?” The Husam Operative took a sip of her tea.
Halifa looked at her grudgingly. Behind her eyes she had images of Paradiso, of the fight against the Combined Army at Ghezira. All those lifes, all those friends lost. Moments of despair as long-known friends changed into Alien Infiltrators killing her brothers and sisters in arms. She did not want to have the future of the Human Sphere on her conscience.
“Listen, I know you don’t value our organization, but we need the help of the security forces.” - “Go on...” Leila signaled Halifa continue. - “We were tasked with getting some not-necessarily legal goods from this rock before it implodes, I would like to inspect them. It is entirely possible, that Shasworth is behind this, I have seen them bringing goods from Xaracs to our...” - the Husam Operative stopped her: “I do not want to hear about your contract or you robbing supplies out of AEC territory, you know damn right what I want to hear!” - Halifa sighed: “Alright, Leila I am sorry I called you an uptight bitch back at Wotan, please help me save our behinds.” Leila Sharif looked at the Commander in triumph, but before she could say anything Halifa added: “No, I won’t beg for it, there is a line.” - “I was not going to ask you to beg. I will help you out, for old times sake. I’ll put in a word with the Captain, you will get your team.” Leila stood up, took another glass of tea and gave it to Halifa. “Take care of your stuff and don’t get your men or yourself killed.” With that she emptied both drinks, gave the glasses to Halifa and walked out of the room.

A small cargo station in the traffic hub. Man, it is dusty here

Right below the main traffic hub the small group entered a storage area. They started to spread out, when Ismael, their forward Hunzakut reported suspicious activity. “Someone is accessing the vaults and he surely is not one of us.” Halifa wanted to reply, but was stopped by Parveen, a young Ghulam who was absolutely not pleased to assist the Corsairs with their problem. But it had been his team that was assigned. Halifa was only there to guide them on as here crew was still in the infirmary. Doc looked at her, pitiful in a way. He knew she was uncomfortable with the situation. Parveen contacted the Hunzakut: “Stay low, observe, but do not engange!” - “I know there’s something going on, I am taking a look.” The next thing they heard was a deeply unsettling curse in pashtu. “Lieutenant, I might need some medical aid here in a minute.”

Those are not mines.. they are surprise mechanics!

Ismael the Djanbazan adjusted his visor “Sir, I think the Mountain Rat could be right, I just cannot...” – “Holy Goat, there is a freaking Monster over here!” Samael, a Irregular who was scheduled to join the group blared through comms.”
– “Radio dicipline!” Parveen reminded the Daylami “Let your ghost convert your visuals and feed us the information.” Ismael shifted towards his left foot and let lose a short salvo. “He’s gone” the Daylami reported. “Not if I can help it!” The Djanbazan jumped up before Parveen could intervene. Halifa had recognized the figure, it clearly was a Shasvastii, a Caliban most likely. These Monster could wreak havoc in their lines, once they had mutilated their first victim. Her ghost sent all the information she had to Ismael. Including weak points in the Calibans body armor.
Halifa did not say a word, neither did the Djanbazan. Shortly after they heard a firing burst from the rooftop. Parveen was outraged by the egoistic action of the Djanbazan and cried about filing a complaint. Ismael messaged Halifa a simple but honest “Thank you!” Fortunately he could not see her ghost-white face at that time.

Who laughs last!

Another Explosion caught their attention. Doc was already on his feet, but then Rashid walked around the corner, cleaning the dust of his leather jacket. He cursed as he cut his hand on a shrapnell, which had gotten caught in the fabric. “Sir, this is a distraction,” he reported “they are definitly behind some goods.” – Parveen answered: “Well we better not allow these Aliens to get them then!” For once Halifa agreed with the uptight Lieutenant. “We better hurry,” Ismael remarked from the rooftop, “that Shrouded has just reached the backlines. They are loading stuff into a transport.” – Samael chimed in “But they obviously did not expect us to mess this up! I just blew one of this frackers sky high. Allah be good, those things are ugly.”

Hang on, that is a Darkstar Vehicle!
He had planned that differently

Rashid walked towards the group, who had established a firing perimenter. Parveen started with a strange briefing: “Okay, this attack will be planned according to the five circles. First circle: Position...” Halifa immediately shut him up: “We don’t have time for attack plans by the book. Seriously if you want to command, you have to act.” Before Parveen could even protest, she continued: “Rashid, get a move on and secure the second stash. If they want those supplies, we make sure they won’t get them.” The Hunzakut looked a bit confused between his Lieutenant and Halifa. “By the prophet’s beard, get a move on!” Halifa shouted. And Rashid’s boots sent the grey dirt of the asteroid flying. Halifa looked around.

Beggars can't be chosers

The Silence around her was deafening. The Naffatun next to her checked her igniter. Her Janissary comrade on the other side permanently switched his HMG between single fire and Full Auto. They were nervous, rookies. Pictures of lost souls at that damned Space Elevator flashed before her eyes. Young boys and girls, straight from their mother’s wombs. Lost forever on a god-forlorn planet. As the Hunzakut jumped into cover, Halifa snapped back into reality. Rashid had something with him, that looked like a mechanical pig. ‘Blasphemous but I would not expect less from these Aliens,’ Halifa thought to herself. Suddenly she had a sensation of falling, as if something would happen. In the corner of her eye, she perceived movement, Red and Black. “GET DOWN!” she screamed, kicking the Naffatun in the knees and pulling the Janissary off balance. As the Mentor left his cover, she looked right into the barrel of his Boarding Shotgun. She did not hear the shot, she only closed her eyes and gave in to the momentum of the bullets.

Even the Pig survived

Halifa woke up in her own command center. Nazim, a hulk of a man, sat across the room on a chair, that was ridiculously small for his stature. He was cleaning the front plate of his Power Armor when he noticed Halifa trying to stand up. “Stay in bed,” he said in a dark bariton, “Doc did wonders to preserve your body. You took that Shotgun blast right into your guts.” Halifa growled and looked down at herself. Below her chest were bandages and Nanobot Containers. It felt as if a swarm of hornets chewed away at her flesh. She let herself sink back onto the soft cushions. “What happened? I can only remember the flash of the barrel and that Shasvastii’s facemask.” Nazim put the red plate onto the table and moved his chair near Halifa’s bunk. “Everyone got out alive, you took the whole blast and no one else got hurt. This Lieutenant, Parveen, he took out the Mentor that had fired the blast. Closely after they swept the area, but the Shasvastii had fled. That Djanbazan managed to shoot the Alien trying to load the supplies into the transport.” – Halfia stopped him with a motion of her hand. She started to say something, but the sharp pain in her stomach rendered it to a surpressed painful moan. Nazim understood, he took a small brown bottle from the desk and filled a few drops on a spoon, which he in turn fed his Captain. It tasted bitter, and it immediatly numbed the tongue, but it also took away the knife that had been twisted in her lower half. Halifa tried again: “Could you identify the transport?” Nazim nodded, “It had Darkstar, markings. Another suspicous company. Now rest Captain! You have saved the lives of some rookies today. I would not have thought you’d do this, considering you are the all hard pirate bitch usually.” He put on a warm but mocking smile. Halifa responded with a similar but softer look. Then she said as to discourage his familiarity: “Now get lost, find some other chick you can bother!” Nazim’s smile broadened, he stood up and walked towards the door, picking up his armor plate from the table in the process. As he stood in the doorway he turned and said: “Oh and Captain, the Major wants a word with you, whenever you have the time.” – “Bothersome protocol, great,” Halifa replied. “Well we have a job after all.” Nazim turned to go. – “Hey Nazim,” Halifa shouted and the hulk looked over his shoulder. “Thank you!” She said, and it sounded true. “Anytime, Captain.”

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