Asteroid Blues


The Gates to The Battery

VS Haqqislam

The Gates To The Battery

The Mission was clear. Retake the Battery to ensure the safety of Novvy Bankok. O-12 had put us in charge and we can not sit idly while the Haqqislam forces insult us by holding the Battery. I was put in charge of a strike force to take control of a small section of the battery. This will help us root out the Haqqislam forces while ensuring a safe ground for our forces to work out of.

Coming in from the west there is a compound that a small force of Haqqislam would need to hold down to control the western side. This was our target, we were picked because we knew the insides and out.

We were able to approach using the cover of the night. Uxia and a Volunteer scouting further ahead. We move along and set up a strong defensive position outside of their view when we heard a Haqqislam soldier shout out “Watch out there is another one of those damn Caledonians here! You know they always travel in packs so keep your eyes out!” and the Volunteer running past us.

My opponent's deployment
My deployment

Before we knew it our plan to sneak in and take out the threats quietly took a turn for the worst, Haqqislam was aware of what was happening and began to move forward searching for us, with only Uxia left within their search radius I hoped she was alright.

With the Haqqislam force caught off guard, their infiltrating forces were not ready. The Fiday never got the chance to change outfits before the battle began.

The Haqqislam forces started their search by moving around their men, A camouflaged man moving across the field. The Fasid took place between two buildings with his HMG drawn waiting for something to come out so he could shoot it. The SHIHAB remote moved up ready as well. Looking down another lane to fire upon the enemy forces. While the Lasiq with the Viral sniper on the building…...She was silent as one could be.

It turns out Uxia was right behind her pointing her shotgun in the back of the Lasiq. With the Lasiq knowing that she was not going to make it out of this situation alive complying with Uxia she decided on a risky move. She spun around drawing her pistol and shot at Uxia who replied by shooting back with her shotgun.

In the quick movement between those two, both shots missed and Uxia charged forward while the Lasiq shot at the woman moving towards her with a knife. In the end, Uxia was able to dodge the bullets and plunge her dagger into the chest of the Lasiq.

With the Sniper out of the way, the charging 45ths did not have to be fearful with a sniper looming over them. While McMurrough moved forward and threw a smoke down. To ensure the Fasid was not able to get any shots off on him. After that, the 3rd grey in the core with 4 volunteers which 2 of them were paramedics moved up a bit till they were in the line of sight of the Fasid who was looking in his general area for anyone nearby. The 3rd grey pulled up her HMG and started to fire at the Fasid while the Fasid stopped focusing in the immediate area and returned fire on the 3rd grey. The shots fired from the 3rd grey were enough and the Fasid dropped.

At the same time this was happening a camoflaged soldier climbed up a ladder to get a clean shot on the SHIHAB. A Missile launched by a scots guard was sent flying straight for the SHIHAB whose software realized the threat and returned fire in the same direction as the missile. The Missile hit off a shot being returned by the SHIHAB and exploded in the air catching all the remaining Haqqislam soldier's attention to let them know this is a real fight. After firing the first shot the Scots Guard had to reload with that time Uxia dropped a smoke at her feet and climbed down the ladder, from there she leaned over the side of the building and shot down at the SHIHAB unit with her shotgun dropping 2 shots to the top of the SHIHAB unit giving it no time to adjust its guns upwards. The bullets pierced its armor disabling the robot.

While everyone was busy dealing with the threats the Haqqislam forces had at the compound one brand new SAS member was having the most confusing time with a comms antenna. While approaching the antenna a mine went off which the SAS was able to dodge.

After the SAS talking to himself as he tries to connect to the antenna “Alright Harold, you got this. We just have to connect to Ariadna Command and notify them that we are almost in complete control of the western compound.” He says while trying to push the button. Yet the button does not budge. Looking around the comms antenna he sees that there is no other button to push so he tries again…...and again…..and again……” Why isn't this stupid thing working? Oh man, I literally had one directive for my first mission and I am already mucking it up!” *as he starts to punch the button* Then it dawned on him. It was a pull not push, as he pulls the button out activating the comms antenna. (This SAS literally rolled 17,19,20,20,18,19 and finally 6 when trying to push the button.)

With the assaulting Ariadna forces coming in strong the Haqqislam forces were able to regroup to try to mount a counter-attack. The Ghulam Hacker moved up and positioned himself to watch over his HVT. While a Khawarij moved forward only to be shot by a sniper from afar. The Khawarij using a rifle tried its best to best the sniper but the range was in the sniper's favor as he took out the Khawarij.

After that, the camo token on the other side of the Haqqislam side started to move but was spotted by the 3rd grey who was able to discover the Al Hawwa forward observer. Luckily for the Al’Hawwa he was able to get out of the line of sight of the 3rd grey before being identified.

He moved forward closer to the SAS and shot him with his boarding shotgun. The SAS tried to dodge but was unable as he was knocked unconscious while a Ghulam in the backline of the Haqqislam forces was able to shoot Uxia before she could drop smoke to hide in. She was dropped on the spot but not killed.

With the battle feeling like it could tip the Caledonians knew they were going to have to stop any momentum that the haqqislam forces were building. The 45ths started to move forward and the 45th in the front was able to drop smoke in the open area the Ghulam hacker was covering. At the same time, McMurrough charged forward not realizing the Al’Hawwa was taking a long-range shot with his boarding shotgun. This left McMurrough no time to dodge as he was hit with the shot and was starting to bleed.

The scots guard went into action hearing the shotgun bursts and launched a missile right at the Al’Hawwa which struck it down.

Then the 45ths with combined effort charged forward to all end up in the smoke for cover. After that, the first one ran out shooting his weapon at the hacker who shot back. The 45th dropped and the next one charged forward. Against exchanging fire the 45th dropped again. Finally the last 45th charged forward again which he was wounded but with sheer effort, he kept standing. He then moved forward again and shot his weapon this time not at the hacker but at a Khawarij with an Mk12. The 45th was killed by the hacker but the 45th was able to drop the Khawarij.

Giving up for now on the left side of the field McMurrough charged forward wounded towards a camouflaged unit who revealed itself to be a Farzan. This Farzan pulled out her pistol to try to kill McMurrough who was able to easily shrug it off. After that McMurrough charged into combat swinging his sword while he hit the Farzan she was able to angle the hit off her armor. Again they fought and again the hit was deflected off of the Farzan's armor. This frustrated McMurrough that he could not take out a single Farzan but he stayed in combat hoping to best her as quickly as possible.

From the backlines, the 3rd grey with her core of volunteers charged up the backlines. One of the volunteers broke off to heal the SAS member which he did and the remaining four went right towards the tech coffin of supplies in the center of the battle.

The Ghulam hacker at this point realized that this battle was a loss he decided to radio in to HQ to tell them about the break in the defense on the western wall. So the Fiday behind him dropped some smoke as the Ghulam hacker charged forward towards the Comms antenna. This was working well until the Ghulam realized that the smoke stopped way before the comms antenna and he was going to have run in the open. He started to do this but was stopped when a missile from the scots guard hit him right in the chest dropping him.

At this point, the Strike team of Caledonia soldiers won. The second paramedic from the link team to break off to turn on the other comms antenna to radio in the other forces while McMurrough finished off the Farzan.

This victory was a major one to allow the Ariadna forces to take back a position that they can launch operations to root out any remaining Haqqislam forces from the Battery. In reward for the hard battle fought my forces and I were given the night off to drink at the main strip.

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