Asteroid Blues


Battle of the Recreations

Yu Jing
VS PanOceania


Sun Tze peered through the newest intel reports from Yu Jings secret agencies. His post human mind processing informations with the speed of an super computer. He paused for brief moment as a single frame of a Vid-log from an Intel drone caught his attention. He magnified a section of the image with a mental command until he could clearly identify the source of his concern. Amidst the enemys troops he spotted the face of one of his most potent adversaries, Jeanne d'Arc the maid of PanOceania!
She was one of his kind. Not as cunning or sharp minded as Sun Tze but gifted with an eerily devotion to her cause. Sun Tze had met her before on the Battlefield. So far she had escaped his grasp every time. Today he has another chance to seize his foe and he would not let her slip away this time.
Without hesitation he activated his Comm. The Response was immenent: "Yes Sir?". "High priority target detected. Deploy the troops. And I will take up command myself." "Acknowledged Sir! Who is the target?" "We will hunt down this elusive Jeanne d'Arc, once and for all!"

-invincibility lies in the defence, the opportunity for victory lies in the attack-

Round One

I won the initiative roll (spoiler alert: the first of many crits for me in this game), so I decided to go first. I placed Sun Tze, the Bounty Hunter, Sophotect and my Flash Pulse Bot on one flank and my Celestial Guard / Crane Link Team and the Rui Shi on the other flank.

Sun Tze occupies his improvised command post!

Because Jeanne d'Arc and his designated Target were well shielded among my opponets troops so i decided to reduce his order pool first. I advanced with my Rui Shi behind a smoke screen from my celestial guard and attacked his Flash Puls Bot an his Helot. After I could bring them down, I deployed my Garuda on the same flank. The Garuda eliminated the Tech Bee, an Auxilia and a Krakot while he evaded the fire of his Seraph. His hidden TO Sniper joined the fight who managed it to disable the Rui Shi. Quickly, the Sophotect ordered his Servant Bot to restore the damaged Rui Shi. With my last order the Rui Shi took revange on the Sniper with a critical hit an silenced him. Unfortunately i could not bring the Garuda back to a safe position so my opponet disabled it with his Seraph with ease.
The Seraph advanced and killed my bounty hunter. Luckily, the Seraph was stunned by my Flash pulse bot afterwards. My opponet pushed forward with his second Krakot. This Krakot rolled NWI and dogged on the meta chemestry Chart, so he could engage the Flash pulse bot without hesitation. In an exchange of fire the Krakot disabled both of my REMs but sranded in open field and could not destroy my REMs entirely.

End of round one (ISS on upper side PanO below)

Round two

My Sophotect was very busy to maintain my REMs. The once more restored Rui Shi killed the Krakot with relentless fire. Now it was time to take on Jeanne d'Arc! In an intense firefight the Rui Shi dealt her two wounds. In an rare touch of self presevation Jeanne fall back in cover.
Now i was on my opponet to advance. His Seraph disabled the daring Rui Shi a third time. The Seraph approched my designated target and killed it but was stunned in return a second time. Meanwhile his second Auxilia crossed the battlefield to attack my deployment Zone. The flamer of the Auxbot inflicted one wound to the Sophotect and was neutralized by the pistol of a Kuang Shi. The Auxilia herself tried to kill the Crane Agent but his heavy armor was to steady for her bullets.

End of round two

Round three

I thought I was still in front in regard to inflicted damage but i was behind in mission points (my Opponent had killed my designated target with his data Tracker) so i had to focus on the mission in my last turn. First I blocked the sight of the Seraph with smoke. Afterwards the Crane crossed the field with his link and knocked out the Auxila, Monstucker and LGL between him and the enemy designated target. Alas i moved the link team too reckless at one point so i lost one member of the link to his LGL. Finally the crane lifted his Spitfire and opened fire on the enemy designated target. And fired again, and … after a total of 4 orders managed to fullfill the Mission on my very last order, at last.
My Opponent was very short on orders in return. So he desperatly tried to kill the Crane Agent and Sun Tze with Jeanne und his Seraph to score the Lt. kill and kill more army points. Jeanne opened fire on the Crane but could not scratch him. The Seraph attacked both Sun Tze an the Crane but came under heavy return fire from almost all my remaning troops.
Until his last order he inflicted one wound to Sun Tze an one wound to the Crane and I inflicted two wounds on him. My Opponent decided to concentrate his fire on the Crane Agent in an last efford to score more army points. My Crane missed, so i had do roll armor saves. The Crane failed one of them hit the dust of the Battlefield. Then I rolled for my combi rifles. I rolled another crit and the Seraph collapsed!

The last fierce exchange of fire.

The aftermath

Sun Tze walked by the wreckage of encounter. The wounded and dead of both sides were lying to his feet. The enemy had retreated after the loss of thier TAG. Sun Tze knew the victory was a close one. He had almost failed the state empire. The loss of men was beyond the regret of a man of his kind. Sun Tze knew that sacrifices had to be made to obtain victory. But this time he was on the brink of defeat. Even worse the Maid of Pan Oceania had escaped him another time. A seldom stain on his record. He assumed future will bring further opportunities to bring down Jeanne d'Arc. With absolute certitude on his mind he swear, that in the end she will not escape his clutches forever!

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