Asteroid Blues


Operation compromised due to Dahshat interference

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Operation: Liberty Cargo Infiltration Disentanglement
Objective: Find Shasvastii supplants and conspirators and eliminate all threats
Location: Liberty Cargo: Spaceport
Status: Failure

While tracking supplants within the Liberty Cargo Spaceport, a Panoceanian drone stick against an unknown incursion caused nearby storage tanks to be ruptured and the area to become highly caustic. We assumed the Shasvastii were moving for immediate evacuating and moved to cut them off. During pursuit we came upon an evacuating Dahshat strike force directly in the path of our quarry. We had no choice but to take immediate action against the strike force to make sure that they did not contain a supplant or were actively helping the Shasvastii escape.

Neema took the lead to cut of the Dahshat retreat, releasing a salvo against what she identified as a Zhuyong heavy weapons specialist in an offensive position. Neema immediately gave the order to move up, suppress and cut off the evacuation route of the Dahshat strike force as the possibility of Shasvastii supplants and collusion was too great a risk. With that order the rest of our operation force moved up and took position to cut off their evacuation route while getting out of the caustic gas that was spreading. Our Diplomatic Delegate and the Warcors assigned to her were caught in the cloud and the warcors succumbed to what we have now identified as a Biotechvore Plague.

After we took position the Dahshat bikers moved to cover their retreat with smoke but Neema and a Brawler we hired for the operation where able to take them out before any smoke was deployed. A Rafiq was able to take out the Taagma supporting Neema. Our Saboteur immediately activated his Stratuscloud while Neema took out the Rafiq and then retreated from increasing enemy fire.

One of our Helot Militia took out an advancing Bounty Hunter before he and a Brawler got gunned down by Father Sforza who was hidden as one. Luckely they were now caught out in the open. Neema layed down cover fire causing a Zhuyong to duck back into cover while our Brawler medic got the Taagma patched up and back on her feet. Neema then rounded the corner and took out another Zhuyong and gravely wounded Father Sforza but not before he peeled away her symbiont armor as she took cover.

The Dahshat momentum faulted as they appeared to regroup but not before the previously thought decommissioned remote took out our other Helot Militia. Neema took this opportunity to come up with a plan to undermine their operation by capturing one of Dahshat troopers and signaled for her second in command to take action. The Specialist stepped out of a building across from the Rafiq and took it and it’s service engineer out with a well placed shotgun blast. Our bioengineer was caught by a stray shot but we now had a viable capture target. She moved quickly and took position over the body to extract it before the Plague encompassed the whole area.

In a final assault a Zhuyong came out of the opposing building and took out the Agent covering the Specialist and Neema as well as our Diplomatic Deligate. Luckily that was all they had time fore before the Plague started washing over the rest of the area and the Specialist successfully made it out with the captive while the Brawlers recovered Neema’s body and made it to the extraction point.

Although we were able to extract, we were not able to exterminate the Shasvastii presence. The Biotechvore Plague release was more then likely a diversion to allow the Shasvastii agents to escape and it is highly possible the local Dahshat company has been infiltrated or are under Shasvastii influence and were sent to intercept us while they escaped. The engineer we captured will help us in determining the extent of the Shasvastii influence as well as their intentions at the spaceport.

Followup will be sent after the completion the engineers interrogation,
Operative Doc

OOC: It was quite a brutal match of Biotechvore. I was able to get a classified at the end of the game putting us at a tie for completed classifieds and I was only able to win by having killed more army points then Norsecompass and even then it was only by 26 points. The fact that both of us were able to get the majority of our force out of the biotechvore area made it a very close quarters and several times pistols were chosen over primary weapons for better odds of success. Norsecompass is always a great opponent and I can’t wait to try my luck against him again.

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