Asteroid Blues


Dominating Quadrants

VS Yu Jing
James Jackson

Still hunting the Drunk Yuan Yuan my Spiral Cops came into conflict with a team of the Invincible army securing the area.
I won the Initiative roll and chose deployment and James chose to go first.

James deployed his Zhuyong link on my left and his Mowang was a reserve drop on my right. I counter deployed with my Taagma Viral Sniper disguised as a Warcor watching where his link team would need to emerge and my Kiiutans on roof tops just outside his deployment zone, one right by his link team and the other safe on a building in his near right quadrant.

James opened strong, dropping his Liu Xing into my backfield where it killed a Taagma Schemer before perishing to Helot fire. His Mowang then set off up the less well covered flank and got into position to shoot out both a helot and a Reex escort and gluing another Helot. James finished by moving out his link team eating an eraser from the Kiiutan and a light rocket from my third and final Helot to do it. While his Haidao was isolated all 4 members of the link team hit by the rocket template tanked the saves, leading me to suspect I had been sold subpar rockets.

In my first turn my Viral Sniper took out his Mowang through smoke and then dashed back to cover the link team, while a pair of Chaksa Auxiliar ran up my right flank to kill his data tracker and grab a quadrant. My Draal marksman then managed to drive several link team members into cover but didn’t wound anyone, he spent too many orders shooting and not enough repositioning and the Tri core link were out of position for turn 2. I had 3 of the zones with my Data Tracker in one so scored 3 points.

James turn 2 was brutal both ways he managed to kill my Draal, Viral Sniper and Keltar Specialist breaking 2 links in the process revived both his missile Launcher and Tai Sheng only to have the missile launcher die when he tried to take on the Viral Sniper. Clever use of a Co ordinated order took care of the tagma eventually but left his guys a bit exposed. In retaliation my Kiiutan Shot 3 of his link team in the back and took out his remaining cheerleader while a Chaksa ran up to secure HVT.

My Spiral Corp secured victory but still could not locate the Drunkard…

Mvp shooting 4 guys in the back on turn 2

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