Asteroid Blues


Taking Quarters from Ariadna

VS Ariadna

On the hunt for the drunk Yuan Yuan my Spiral Corps headed into the Jiyuan Operations Hub as we approached the fortified entrance bunker a band of Ariadnans clearly lost or drunk opened firs on our forward elements.
I won the roll and choose deployment hoping to go 2nd. I had Dan deploy on the side with the hardest access to my quadrants.
Dan deployed his Line Kazak link team on my left, his Uragan TR bot covering the center and a batch of Camo on my right. I counter deployed with my Draal in a Tri-Core on my left backed up by one of my Triads of Chaksa the other triad of Chaksa on my right with my Kriigel link backing them up and then 2 Kiiutan Imposters prone on buildings with SymbioBombs just outside is deployment Zone.
Dan’s first turn was heavily blunted by his Irmandinhos blocking the los of his scout sniper with his smoke throw and my Helot tanking 4 arm saves.
I responded by moving into all 4 zones with baggage Chaksas and Heavy Flaming Vassily. I did lose a Kiiutan trying to crawl into position to discover a camo maker to his sniper fire. Careful placement and Dan’s staying in his deployment zone with his link team put me 3-0 up at the end of turn 1.
Dan pushed forward more strongly in turn 2 advancing a Spetznaz HMG ad taking down one of my Chaksa and then killing another with his scout sniper before losing his Strelok FO to an unlucky (for him) ARO from a Helot.
My turn was punishing for Dan a combination of my remaining Kiiutans Endgame and the Draal’s Marksmen rifle eliminated the Spetznaz and his link team and then spotting a lone Line Kazak my Kiiutan put him into loss of Lieutenant with his Submachine gun.
I scored 3 zones again taking me up 6-0.
In LoL Dan tried to set up some ARO’s but couldn’t stop me getting my classified for a 10-0 Victory.
After the game Dan and I talked about tactics for dealing with pieces like the Kiiutans and about improving his deployment. It was Dan’s 4th or 5th game of infinity and his skill level is improving every time we play.

My side end of turn 1.
Dan's side.
A band of brave Spiral Corps

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