Asteroid Blues


Powering Up Ariadna

VS Ariadna

Dan and I got to play another campaign mission this evening. This was his 4th game of infinity and we had a long chat about list building after our last match.
This was Dan’s turn to choose the mission and he decided on Power Pack to defend the Ariadnan Holdings on the asteroid.
Dan won the roll and chose to go first so I had him set up first. He deployed his link team on my right with a sniper stood up. Some camo markers through the midfield and his Ratnik and Kazak Veteran backed up by a Katyusha and a Dozer on my right. I stuck my Zhuyoung Bounty hunter link in my right zone with the dozer and Everything else in my left zone with Camo scattered by Antenna.
Dan’s first turn went poorly, I glued his Kazak Sniper and FO and pinned down the link team with my Bounty Hunters. While on my left he discovered and killed a Liberto but then failed to dig out any other Camo.
In response I claimed 2 Antenna and got my link team shot by his Katyusha. I did manage to get my Zhuyoung on to his console but really that was much too early.
Dan piled almost everything into the link team group and sent them heading for the console using his Vet Kazak HMG to KO McMurrough on the way. A camo marker I was sure was ambush camo turned out to be a Scout and he shot the last 2 members of my link team in the back.
I managed to hit his scout in the back with an Akrylat Kannon with my last Bounty Hunter and then drove his Vet Kazak into NWI and Cover with a Hunzakut before my 112’s Nazmat ran across the entire board to revive the Zhuyoung.
Dan then killed the Zhuyoung and coup d’graced the Nasmat for a classified.
In my final turn I managed to get my Dozer Engineer into place to res my Rui Shi and picked apart the link he had moved to cover the Console, killing the final member and moving my Rui Shi to control the Console on my final order of them game.
I learnt some important lessons about moving link teams in front of Missile bots you have forgotten about and not wasting command tokens on “clever” Co-ordinated orders early in the game. Dan and I also had another good chat about list building and leveraging the advantages of TAK.

My side end of turn 1
Dan's side
This was not an ambush camo marker :(
Victorious Rui Shi!

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  • Epistaxis says:

    Nice write-up and pictures, and a great looking table! Congratulations on your victory!

  • Father Knight Luisjoey says:

    Good table you got there, you could get some epilepsi

    Father Knight Luisjoey of Santiago de Leon