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Combined Army

Combined Army unit DRD-1009 “Eye of the Beholder” online.

Unit DRD-1009 uploading battle report.

Combined Army forces encountered enemy ALEPH forces in Gallery Maze. Enemy commander identified.

Uploading suitable battle music.

Enemy battle stations analysis underway. Enemy primary threats identified. Enemy force composition identified.

Enemy Primary threats identified:
- Hyppolita Recreation identified as enemy Data Tracker - Threat Level High;
- Enemy Dakini Tacbot Sniper deployed in overwatch position - Threat Level High;
- Enemy Dakini Tacbot Heavy Gunner identified - Threat Level Moderate;
- Presence of Posthuman Proxies in battlefield detected. Two Posthuman Proxies detected. Possibility of third Proxy deployed with Thermo Optical Camouflage integrated into combat tactics routines.

Combined Army Forces deployed in defensive formation. Combined Army foces consisted of:
- Charontid Unit DRD-1009 "Eye of the Beholder" Deployed as Force Commander and Data Tracker;
- Shasvastii Caliban unit "Nishant" deployed as secondary heavy weapons platform;
- Shasvastii Shrouded unit "Amaru" deployed as advanced scout trooper;
- Shasvastii Nox hacker "Sunil" deployed for technical support.
- Daturazi units "Darak" and "Sophet" deployed to provide smoke cover for Unit DRD-1009;
- One Med-tech Obsidion Medchanoid for mechanical repairs;
- One Q-Drone Unit for heavy support;
- One Liberto militia for flank defense
- Assorted support elements and tactical reinforcement nodes;
- Cadmus Unit "Eethri" held in reserve for strategic insertion;

Enemy seized initative. Combined Army Forces standby to repel enemy attack.

Overview of Area of Engagement. Combined Army choose optimal defensive positions.

Enemy Hyppolita recreation advanced by right flank in attempt to reach Combined Army High Value Target.

Hyppolita unit failed to account for presence of Q-Drone fire support platform. Hyppolita unit suffered minor damage while attempting to lay smoke cover.

Enemy Sophotect unit engaged its Yudbot unit to provide medical support for Hyppolita recreation. Yudbot unit successfully neutralized by Q-Drone unit, but not before it was able to restore Hyppolita recreation to full health.

Hyppolita recreation sucessfully captured Combined Army High Value Target. Local Liberto militia proved unsuscessful in stopping Hyppolita.

Loss of High Value Target deemed unnaceptable. Hyppolita recreation must be eliminated.

Hyppolita recreation advanced and completed its objective despite heavy resistance.

Enemy attempted to take out unit DRD-1009 after completing its main objective.

Dakini Tacbot sniper attempted to attack entrenched Charontid unit, but failed to penetrate its heavy armor.

Enemy deployed Garuda Tacbot in flanking position. Enemy commander failed to account for the presence of Daturazi Witch-soldiers as bodyguards for unit DRD-1009.

Garuda Tacbot was unable to flank "Eye of the Beholder" unit. Combined Army counter-attack initiated.

Enemy Garuda unit failed to flank unit DRD-1009

Daturazi units attempted to advance without support. Morat aggressiveness deemed a necessary risk for this mission.

Daturazi unit "Darak" advanced and was instructed to lay smoke for unit DRD-1009. Daturazi advanced in spite of presence of enemy Dakini Sniper overwatch.

Enemy Thermo-Optical Camouflaged posthuman proxy revealed. Thermo-Optical Camouflaged unit revealed as Sniper Proxy. Combined sniper shots from two different sources completely obliterated Daturazi "Darak". Unit loss deemed acceptable.

Daturazi unit "Sophet" Advanced towards enemy Garuda Tacbot. Daturazi unit eliminated enemy Garuda without incident. Destruction of Garuda unit proved effective in reducing enemy morale.

Posthuman Proxy unit identified as primary threat. Presence of Posthuman Sniper prevented Daturazi "Sophet" from laying smoke cover for "Eye of the Beholder" unit.

Caliban unit "Nishant" cleared to engage.

Caliban unit "Nishant" uses camouflage and multispectral visor to eliminate enemy Sniper proxy with accurate Spifire burst.

Proxy Sniper threat eliminated.

Daturazi "Sophet" Instructed to lay smoke cover for unit DRD-1009 "Eye of the Beholder". Smoke cover set up without incident.

"Eye of the Beholder" moved into optimal firing position under smoke. Unit cleared to engage enemy Dakini Sniper.

"Eye of the Beholder" eliminated enemy Dakini Sniper with accurate heavy machinegun burst.

Enemy primary threats eliminated. Mission objectives updated.

Combined Army intelligence requests enemy units to be scanned. Necessity of deep insertion into enemy territory necessary.

Cadmus Unit "Eethri" deployed.

Cadmus unit sucessfully inserted into enemy deployment zone.

Cadmus unit "Eethri" proceeded to morpho-scan enemy Deva Unit.

Enemy Deva unit identified as enemy lieutenant. Deva unit destruction deemed minor objective.

Unit "Eethri" sucessfully acquired information on enemy Deva. Objective complete. Cadmus Unit "Eethri" instructed to cause as much damage as possible to the enemy.

Cadmus unit proceeded to eliminate enemy Deva unit, and cause damage to Sophotect and Posthuman Proxy Hacker unit. Cadmus unit suffered disabling damage in firefight. Cadmus unit loss deemed acceptable.

Enemy resumed attack after destruction of Cadmus unit. Enemy forces pushed into defensive formations due to troop and morale loss.

Enemy Sophotect unit restored Dakini sniper to full power.

Dakini sniper unit proceeded to engage "Eye of the Beholder" unit. Unit DRD-1009 "Eye of the Beholder" was severely damaged in shootout and instructed to retreat to cover.

Enemy forces emboldened by Unit DRD-1009 retreat. Enemy forces switched to offensive tactics.

Proxy Hacker unit boosted accuracy of enemy Heavy Machinegun Dakini Tacbot. Dakini Tacbot advanced and engaged Combined Army Q-Drone fire support platform.

Q-Drone fire support platform proved heavily resilient against enemy attacks.

Enemy Dakini tacbot failed in destroying Q-Drone fire support platform. Heavy shooting resulted in damage to Dakini unit, but no damage to Q-Drone platform.

Enemy commander insisted in engaging Q-Drone unit. Posthuman proxy Forward Observer unit advanced to engage.

Posthuman proxy unit failed in damaging Q-Drone fire support platform. Forward Observer proxy unit killed by combination fire between Q-Drone unit and close quarters fighting from Caliban unit "Nishant".

Enemy assault faltered. Tactical analysis indicates enemy is exhausting offensive vector options.

Tactical analysis failed. Enemy Sophotect unit sucessful in extracting biometrical data from Cadmus unit corpse. Loss of data deemed unnaceptable.

Unit DRD-1009 must be restored to effective status. Med-tech Obsidion Medchanoid instructed to provide medical assistance.

Medchanoid sucessfully repaired unit DRD-1009 by use of Slave Drone. Slave drone destroyed by enemy Dakini Sniper. Unit loss deemed acceptable.

Daturazi "Sophet" instructed to lay smoke cover for Unit DRD-1009 "Eye of the Beholder". "Eye of the Beholder" cleared to engage.

"Eye of the Beholder" proceeded to eliminate several enemy units and advance towards enemy High Value Target.

Unit DRD-1009 advanced by left flank, engaging enemy Dakini Sniper under smoke cover. Dakini Sniper unit eliminated without incident.

"Eye of the Beholder" continued to advance over left flank. Unit eliminated enemy warcor, one Netrod tactical node and one Krakot mercenary.

Unit DRD-1009 sucessfully identified enemy High Value target, then engagaed supressive fire move to defend left flank.

Combined Army forces moved into defensive formations for enemy counterattack. Combined Army victory estimated at 75% chance.

Initiating tactical analysis...


Analysis complete. ALEPH forces appear to be on defensive formation. Combined Army Intelligence estimates enemy is forming rearguard operations.

Enemy Probot unit attempted to evacuate damaged Dakini Heavy Gunner unit. Probot unit disabled by fire from Q-Drone fire support platform.

Hyppolita recreation still active. Hyppolita recreation deployed smoke cover to evacuate Dakini Heavy Gunner unit. Hyppolita recreation sucessful.

Hyppolita recreation advanced and completed its objective despite heavy resistance.

ALEPH forces pulled back into rearguard formation. Tactical Analysis deemed information gathered in this mission to be near sufficient.

Shasvastii Forward Observer unit "Amaru" instructed to advance and complete visual Designation of enemy High Value Target.

"Amaru" unit sucessful in gathering intelligence without incident. Combined Army objectives achieved.

Pursuit of enemy forces deemed unnecessary. Combined Army Forces instructed to retreat from Area of Engagement.

Intelligence gathered by ALEPH forces. Tactical Analysis deems Intelligence loss highly risky.
Intelligence gathered by Combined Army forces. Information is being processed.

Combined Army achieved dominance over battlefield. Combined Army losses analysed:

- Unit DRD-1009 "Eye of the Beholder" suffered heavy damage - repairs underway;
- Cadmus Unit "Eethri" suffered heavy damage - unit loss acceptable;
- Daturazi Unit "Darak" suffered extreme damage. Unit Cube irrecoverable - unit loss acceptable;
- Local Liberto Militia killed - unit loss acceptable;
- One Imetron Tactical node destroyed. - unit loss acceptable;
- One Slave Drone destroyed - unit loss acceptable;

Combined Army Victory is assured.

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