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Combined Army
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Loading Combined Army remote battle report unit.


Loading complete. Remote battle report unit initiated. Combat reports from field units collated. Report prepared.
Uploading suitable battle music for mood.

Enemy identified as Ariadnan commander Delatriste. Enemy Commander is leading Caledonian forces. Enemy forces in excess of ten units in battlefield.

Threat analysis initatied.
Threat analysis complete. Enemy main threats identified:
- William Wallace unit leading Highlander warriors - Threat High;
- Tearlach MacMurrough Unit - Threat Very High;
- Several enemy camouflaged troopers detected. Analysis indicate these are camouflaged Caterna snipers. Threat Very High;

Enemy seized initiative. Combined Army forces deployed in defensive formation. Combined Army forces included:

- Superior Warrior Officer Hirok Sundgror - Sogarat Tempest Regiment, selected as data tracker for this mission;
- Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin - Selected as Field Commander for this mission;
- Zerat Killer Hacker Hoshyat;
- Nox Hacker Sunil;
- Caliban Sub-commander Nishant;
- Two Morat Krakot Units - Krakot A (Ur'han) and Krakot B (Ror'thor);
- One Q-Drone Unit for fire support;
- One Med-Tech Obsision Medchanoid for battle repairs and support.
- Assorted tactical support elements.

Combined Army defensive deployment deemed efficient. Enemy commenced attack immediately.

Overview of Combined Army Units deployed. Defensive positioning deemed necessary.

Enemy began assault by targeting specific units in Combined Army forces. Enemy seems to have identified Superior Warrior Officer Hirok Sundgror as primary threat.

Enemy deployed first Cateran sniper unit to neutralize Warrior Officer Hirok. Morat superior physicality combined with advanced Sogarat Super Heavy armor proved effective in sustaining enemy fire.

Cateran Sniper insisted in firing at Warrior Officer Hirok. T2 Ammunition proved effective with sustained fire.

Enemy threat assesment ignored the presence of Combined Army camouflaged units, and the presence of Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin on the battlefield.

Enemy identified next primary threat as Combined Army Q-Drone.

Enemy revelaed three camouflaged units as three extra Cateran Snipers. Combined shooting obliterated Q-Drone unit, but one Cateran Sniper was killed in fire exchange.

Enemy deployed Snipers in close positioning due to lack of Combined Army area of effect weapons.

Enemy confidence bolstered by early victories.

Enemy McMurrough unit advanced without resistance. Enemy McMurrough unit advanced towards center of the battlefied.
Enemy McMurrough unit engaged Zerat Hoshyat with speculative fire grenades.

Enemy McMurrough unit engaged morat Infiltrator. Zerat Hoshyat suffered heavy damage in subsequent firefight. Damage Acceptable.

Enemy attack faltering. Combined Army forces ordered to begin counterstrike immediately.

Superior Warrior Officer Hirok Sundgror instructed to engage automedikit suite.
Automedikit suite effective. Warrior Officer Hirok resumed combat.

Warrior Officer Hirok instructed to engage first enemy Cateran unit. Enemy Cateran eliminated with concentrated automatic fire.

Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin unit instructed to engage enemy Tearlach McMurrough unit at range.

Sheskiin Damaged enemy Tearlach McMurrough unit and forced it to take cover.

Sheskiin unit intructed to advance and clear a path for Warrior Officer Hirok.

Sheskiin unit sucessfully engaged and killed two more enemy units without issue.

Superior Warrior Officer Hirok Sundgror instructed to advance towards central building.

Warrior Officer Hirok instructed to engage enemy Cateran Snipers with caution. Officer proceeded slowly and advanced in cover.

Superior Warrior Officer Hirok Sundgror eliminated both remaining Cateran snipers. Enemy threat leved diminished.

Battle Analysis initiated...

Stalemate detected. Stalemate deemed acceptable.

Enemy deployed Intelcom information to gain tactical advantage in battle.

Enemy celebrated prematurely. Enemy attack resumed en force.

Enemy Fireteam advanced via right flank. Enemy fireteam was stalled by Combined Army Liberto unit.

Liberto instructed to engage with mines and shotgun fire. Liberto sucessfully killed two fireteam members.

Liberto unit killed in crossfire. Loss acceptable.

Enemy fireteam engaged Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin at range. Cadmus unit instructed to disenage and retreat due to minor damage. Sheskiin unit sucessfully retreated to cover.

Enemy Tearlach McMurrough unit reactivated. Unit advanced by right flank and attempted to engage both Warrior Officer Hirok and Cadmus Sheskiin in tandem.

Tearlach McMurrough and Sheskiin disable each other at the same time.

Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin unit disabled. Field command transferred to Caliban Unit Nishant.

Loss of Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin unit deemed unnaceptable. Med-Tech Obsidion Medchanoid instructed to administer medical assistance.

Superior Warrior Officer Hirok provided covering fire sucessfully.

Medchanoid sucessfully restored Sheskiin unit to consciousness.

Sheskiin unit instructed to devour Tearlach McMurrough unit to fully restore itself.

Enemy camouflaged unit detected infiltrated on left flank. Krakot units A and B instructed to identify and engage camouflaged unit.

Krakot units A and B sucessfuly identified and eliminated enemy Uxia McNeil unit

Tactical analysis changed. Tactical situation turned in Combined Army's favor.

Enemy William Wallace unit attempted final strike to destroy units Sheskiin and Officer Hirok.

Enemy William Wallace used smoke and employed flamethrower to damage both Sheskiin and the Med-Tech Medchanoid.

Enemy William Wallace unit engaged Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin in close combat.

Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin and William Wallace destroyed each other in close combat

Enemy morale broken. Combined Army Forces instructed to finish off as many as possible to achieve complete tactical dominance.

Enemy forces 94% eliminated.

Combined Army losses identified:

- Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin unit suffered heavy damage - Acceptable;
- Zerat Hoshyat suffered heavy damage - Acceptable;
- Superior Warrior Officer Hirok suffered light damage - Acceptable;
- One Q-Drone Unit destroyed - Acceptable;
- One Imetron Tactical Node destroyed - Acceptable;

Combined Army Forces achieved total dominance in battlefield. Combined Army Victory is assured.

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