Asteroid Blues


Make Way for the Bad Guy

Combined Army
VS Ariadna

Arrival at Novvy Bangock Sucessful

Combined Army unit DRD-0998 Online. Unit designation "The Bad Guy". Standard battle report. Insertion Sucessful on Novvy Bangock Galleries.
Application of intimidation techniques has proven successful. Updating battle report with suitable musical mood.

Enemy commander identified as humanoid figure. Enemy commander belongs to the human faction called Ariadna, commanding troops from the Tartary Army Korps subfaction. Humanoid dissension proves humans are not fit to self-command.
Permission to engage requested. Updating area of engagement map. Updating preliminary troop disposition charts.

Area of engagement aerial drone view. Enemy commander seized preemptive strike option.

Assembled enemy forces consisted of highly trained human special forces operatives:
- Four codenamed "Frontovik"
- One Veteran Kazak, identified as the Frontovik Unit leader.
- One journalist, as has been observed in recent conflicts.
- Assorted camouflaged troopers were detected. Identification and destruction of camouflaged enemy units deemed a combat priority.

Combined Army forces:
- Unit DRD-0998 - "The Bad Guy"
- Two Imetron tactical net nodes
- Two Ikadron batdroids
- One Q-Drone fire support unit
- Two morat krakot units - combat drugs administered rendered troops highly resistant to damage.
- One shasvastii Nox trooper for hacking support
- One Med-Tech Obsidion Medchanoid for mechanical repairs.

Enemy threat deemed high. Activation of infiltrated Speculo Unit deemed necessary. Speculo Unit instructed to target main enemy fireteam and cause as much damage as possible.

Enemy main fireteam identified as primary threat. Speculo Killer unit deployed to counterattack

Enemy fireteam moved to engage unit DRD-0998. Speculo Killer unit counter attacked with emplaced shotgun blast. Two enemy troopers eliminated, including enemy medical officer. Speculo Killer unit eliminated in return fire. Speculo Killer loss deemed acceptable.

Enemy camouflaged unit activated. Camouflaged unit advanced under cover of right flank buildings. Enemy camouflaged unit traced optimal firing solution onto Unit DRD-0998. Enemy camouflaged unit engaged.

Enemy camouflaged unit reveals itself. Unit identified as specialist sniper Vassily Plushenko. Enemy threat level recalculated.

Specialist sniper Vassily Plushenko engaged Unit DRD-0998. Unit DRD-0998 damaged by heavy impact T2 ammunition in the firefight. Retreat advised.

Unit DRD-0998 retreated out of targeting sight of enemy Specialist Sniper Vassily Plushenko. Combined Army forces instructed to counterattack.

Counterattack was led by morat Krakot renegades units. Krakot Renegade A - Identified as Or'khan Jorior, advanced towards central structure. Krakot Renegade A reached central structure without enemy interference.

Krakot Renegade B - Identified as Khor Lithur, instructed to advance towards central structure following success of Krakot Renegade A. Krakot Renegade B suffered catastrophic damage from enemy Frontovik unit reaction. Combat drugs effective in extending Krakot Renegade unit's lifespan by a few extra seconds.

Battlefield analysis necessary. Primary threat identified as enemy specialist sniper Vassily Plushenko. Optimal combat vectors calculated.

Krakot Renegade unit A instructed to engage enemy camouflaged unit with speculative fire grenades. Krakot Renegade unit B deemed expendable.

Krakot Renegade unit A destroys enemy emplaced camouflaged unit with speculative fire grenade.

Unit DRD-0998 instructed to clear path for Krakot Renegade unit B. DRD-0998 engaged enemy Frontovik unit. Enemy Frontovik eliminated.

Optimal path calculated. Krakot Renegade unit B instructed to approach enemy specialist sniper Vassily Plushenko. Krakot Renegade unit B instructed to exploit enemy blind spot.

New enemy threat identified. Enemy camouflaged unit revealed as Tankhunter unit. Tankhunter unit attempted strike against Krakot Unit B. Krakot Unit B was able to ignore damage suffered due to combat drugs still in effect.

Krakot unit B engaged enemy specialist Sniper Vassiliy Plushenko with speculative fire grenades.

Enemy primary threat eliminated.

Enemy threat recalculated. Enemy Tankhunter unit identified as next primary threat. Unit DRD-0998 instructed to attack.

Unit DRD-0998 eliminated enemy Tankhunter unit without incident.

Krakot unit B expired due to severe trauma. Krakot unit B loss deemed acceptable.

Enemy forces severely damaged but not demoralised. Enemy resumed assault en force.

Enemy camouflaged unit revealed as secondary Tankhunter unit. Tankhunter unit B attempted preemptive strike against Unit DRD-0998. Preemptive strike unsuccessful.

Enemy Tankhunter unit B persisted engagement against Unit DRD-0998. Unit DRD-0998 proved resilient to explosive rounds. Enemy Tankhunter unit B eliminated by reactive fire from unit DRD-0998.

Enemy primary threats eliminated. Most of enemy forces eliminated. Enemy threat level deemed low.

Remaining Frontovik unit advanced to engage unit DRD-0998. High impact sniper rounds proved ineffective in penetrating Unit DRD-0998's armored chassis. Enemy used Frontovik sniper unit as fire support to advance enemy veteran Kazak unit into optimal firing position.

Enemy veteran Kazak unit engaged unit DRD-0998 with explosive T2 ammunition. Unit DRD-0998 suffered catastrophic damage. Unit DRD-0998 rendered inactive by internal systems damage.

Enemy threat level recalculated. Combined Army forces status recalculated. Loss of Unit DRD-0998 deemed unacceptable. Activation of Mnemonica ability denied. Combined Army forces instructed to use all efforts in bringing unit DRD-0998 back online.

Med-tech Obsidion Medchanoid activated. Med-tech Obsidion Medchanoid sucessfully repaired Unit DRD-0998.

"The Bad Guy" protocol activated. "Enraged" state activated. Unit DRD-0998 cleared to engage.

Unit DRD-0998 engaged enemy veteran Kazak unit. Veteran Kazak unit killed in ensuing fire exchange.

Unit DRD-0998 engaged remaining enemy Frontovik unit. Frontovik unit killed in ensuing fire exchange.

Unit DRD-0998 engaged enemy journalist unit. Images of enraged Unit DRD-0998 transmitted to Human Sphere network. Infiltrated Shasvastii disinformation units instructed to spread imagery to decrease enemy morale. Enemy Journalist killed by Unit DRD-0998.

Enemy forces broken. Enemy attempted final desperation attack against Unit DRD-0998. Unit armour proved resilient to enemy shotgun blasts.

Enemy threat calculated. Damage potential of T2 rounds deemed too high to risk unit DRD-0998. Krakot unit A instructed to engage and kill last enemy unit.

Combat finished. Total operations time: One hundred and three minutes.

Enemy forces completely eliminated.

Combined Army losses:
- One Krakot unit - acceptable;
- One Speculo Killer unit - acceptable;
- High damage to Unit DRD-0998 - acceptable. Repairs underway.

Combined Army victory is assured.

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