Asteroid Blues


Hold position 2

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VS Haqqislam

Fighters are exhausted in constant fights for a warehouse of supplies. Victories and defeats alternate between themselves. And here are the soldiers again on the horizon. And Deemul without hesitation leads the fighters into battle. What is the army of Haqqislam was not immediately seen. Fortunately, it ended without major casualties on both sides.


1-4. Muttawi`ah
5. TR-bot on the roof
6. Bot with flash-pulse
7. Baggage
8. Mukhtar with RedFury
9. Doctor
10. Barid KHD
11. Engineer (Lieutenant in reality)
12. Libertos
13. Farzan
14.-16. Naffatun

Haqq deployment
Tohaa deployment

First game raund

Realizing that our soldiers were not on the roofs, Kauri goes to check who is there? Oh! Assassin! Draal will eliminate it! On the other flank, Gao-Rel Tries to kill the TR-bot from behind the smoke. Oh, shit, two critical hits in return knock him out. But the paramedic was there to treat him. Gao's second shot does not spare the bot and it is disabled.

Gao-Rael's Duel

Hmm, last time we messed up and didn't hold Armory. So this time you should take the building right away. Which Anely's triad does. At the same time and panoply opened, found a flamethrower and light shotgun, not bad!

Opponent's turn. Muttawi run forward, with Sakiel in Armory gets insulation. Libertos kills Makaul. Puts mine at the Armory. Mukhtar killing Gao-Rael and Igao.

Anely's team took positions in Armory

Second game raund

Rasail is coming. He shoots part of Muttawi from Spitfire, Chaksa burns Libertos from flamethrower. Makes a tactical retreat. The paramedic fired his medkit at Makaul and hit Him on the second try. Makaul finished the serum and woke up.
The adherents of New Islam cover all the smoke, slowly moving to the Armory. Isolate Draal. Mukhtar tried to kill Rasail, but the Lieutenant of squad Tohaa managed to escape from the bullets.

Sharpshooter paramedic and stalwart Lieutenant

Third game raund

Makaulay is furious. It bypasses mines and the last Muttawi. At the end of the road he meets Mukhtar. In a short hand-to-hand fight, he easily defeats. Standing next to the soldiers also fell under the blows of Makaul.
In the end, the enemy takes a desperate step. A flamethrower seeks to pass in Armory and burn all who within. But it does not succeed. Dies only Keltar. The enemy does not dare to continue the fight and departs from a module of ammunition.

End game. Armory is under our control.

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