Asteroid Blues


Curious Quarry Conflict 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yu Jing
Cdr. Philip von Kruse
VS Haqqislam

NOTE: I and my friend HolyHippie assumed there was a 250 point option in the report writeup, but in fact there is only the option of either 200 or 300. Thus, the game is listed as 300, but was in fact 250 points:

Haqqislam won the roll-off. Haqqislam takes first turn and allows Yu Jing to choose for deployment.

After deployment, Yu Jing declares the Shang Ji their datatracker and Haqqislam declares Tarik Mansuri their datatracker.


Notes: Sorry for the unpainted models. We also proxied a few models. Proxies are listed below.


Invincible Army
Profile – Name – Model
Zhanshi (Lieutenant) – Lie Ren – Zhanshi
Zhanshi (Paramedic) – Cheng Da – Zhanshi
Zhanshi (Forward Observer) – Yang Li – Zhanshi
Hǎidào (Sniper) – Dong Fa – Hǎidào Sniper
Shang Ji – Jiao-Long – Xi Zhuang (Gui Feng)
Zhēnchá (FO Boarding Shotgun) – Feng Hai – Zuyong/Camo Marker
Zhēnchá (Hacker boarding shotgun) – He Xin – Mech-engineer/Camo Marker
Hulang (SMG) – Liling Zhen – Daoying
Chayi Yaokong – 4A-K3 – Silhoutte 3 template
Warcor (360°) – Qiu Rong – Sun Tze v.2
HVT – Liaison Officer Xioayun Lán – Thamyris

Ramah Task Force
Profile – Name – Model
Tarik Mansuri (Lieutenant L2) – Tarik Mansuri – Ratnik
Hortlak Janissary (Chain of Command, SMG) – Achmed Abdul Aziz – Naffatûn
Hortlak Janissary (Chain of Command, SMG) – Suleiman Osmanli – Naffatûn
Janissary (HMG) – Mehmed Alawhi – Jannisary HMG
Janissary Akbar Doctor – Akbar Abdullah – Khawarij
Namur (Spitfire) – Aaliyah Tawil – Murabids Tuareg
HVT – Free-lance Stringer – Free-lance Stringer


Lieutenant Lie Ren and his platoon were patrolling their designated area in defence of the quarry when Haqqislamite units were approaching the area. “Assume defensive positions! Feng Hai, go to the right flank. We need the heating unit online if we want to stay active. He Xin, get in their way and flank one or two if possible. Cheng Da, Yang Li, Dong Fa and Jiao-Long in the building with me. Assume defensive positions and prioritize your safety. Do not take any unnecessary chances. Liling Zhen, get as close as you can to the console directly ahead. 4A-K3, take up a position on the left flank and stay ready to blind any advancing on the left. Mr. Rong, please prioritize your safety over taking pictures!” Lie Ren shouted over the comms.

Qiu Rong peeked over his cover on the roof and saw some people in the building at the other end of the area. “They sort of look like those “janissaries” right?” None of them particularly looked like the leader, when Tarik Mansuri jumped an impossible height above the building diagonally to the right and landed with a great “thud”.

Liling Zhen looked up in horror and thought “Oh crapbaskets” as Tarik mother-censored Mansuri outflanked her from above and piled shots into her. The sudden sharp pain of bullet wounds distracted her something fierce when Tarik suddenly jumped again and another shot rang out when everything went black.

Lieutenant Lie Ren watched as Liling Zhen’s life sign monitor flatlined when both Feng Hai and He Xin both shouted simultaneously over the comms “TARIK MANSURI INCOMING!”
The next thing Lie Ren saw was Tarik mother-censored Mansuri burst through the window and fired wildly at both Lie Ren and Jiao-Long. The man towered over both but seemed unfocused due to dealing with two targets and thus two shots towards Lie Ren went wide. “Pheew that was close” and Lie Ren followed up by firing some shots of his own. To his surprise, the behemoth of a man went down, but only then did Lie Ren see that Jiao-Long too was left dead on the ground. “They will pay for this. They will most definitely pay for this. But for now, other priorities…”
“Dong Fa, any enemies you can see, you have my permission to take out. Permanently is preferable.” With his orders from his superior clear, Dong Fa peeked out from cover to the building diagonally across at the left end of the area and saw a fellow with what appeared to be a visor. “Well well, we can’t have that.” And took three shots at it. He got some good hits, and the piece of censored Hortlak Janissary was dead as a dodo. What Dong Fa did not count on was the volume of return fire. A shot in the gut was distracting, but at least he was still conscious and capable. “How about I get back at the censored that just censored shot me?” Dong Fa considered. After a series of shots, Dong Fa was left speechless. “I fired so many shots, but only one hit home and the censored Janissary censored HMG carrying piece of censored is still alive!”

Feng Hai had moved to the right flank as instructed and seeing as there were no enemies in sight, he proceeded up the wall to the roof of the building in the left middle-section of the area to activate a heating unit via. the console there. “This is surprisingly easy and peaceful. Why would they not try to cover the right flank? They themselves might end up outflanked if things go well for us. Ah well, their stupidity is to our benefit.” Feng Hai thought to himself. After activating the heating unit, Feng Hai chose to move to the console in the middle. “From here, I can respond just about anywhere, and I deny them this console. Surely, it just as cold for them, as it is for us!”

He Xin had taken the opportunely timed sniper fire to move forwards to one of the consoles when suddenly the enemy fireteam moved up the left flank and attempted to outflank him! “oh censored, censored, censored! I hadn’t gotten into cover yet dammit!” and as he dodged and weaved only one shot in the 10 fired actually hit their mark, but it hit hard! “OH CEEENSOOOOOOREEED DOES THIS HURT!” Apparently, the Namurr had to reload, so He Xin took this chance to move into cover.

Dong Fa had observed the weird scuffle on the left flank and now noticed two of the enemy combatants were out in the open, and learning from his previous error, he only peeked far enough to get in sight of one of the combatants at a time and he expertly dispatched the enemy doctor, though the Namurr only got wounded. “They will make more mistakes…” He ruminated.

“Everybody, stay in defensive positions” Lie Ren ordered. “They are here to attack, so let them come to us. Do not take any unnecessary risks!” He Xin heeded none of this. “These censored just censored shot me!” He thought to himself. “And I am going to make them suffer as I am suffering!”. He Xin steeled himself and ran into the building next to the console, all the while Lie Ren shouted obscenities at him to make him remain in place as ordered. He managed to fire off two shots in his fury, but never got to see the result, as rapid SMG fire hit him square in the face and everything went dark.

“censored and &#¤%!!! He Xin you complete and utter moron!” Lie Ren exclaimed in impotent rage. Well, there was nothing he could do about it now. Lie Ren’s train of thought was interrupted by Tarik mother-censored Mansuri groaning and reaching for his spitfire rifle. “Oh no you don’t!” He roared and pumped Tarik full of lead. “I will have none of that!”

“Feng Hai, I need you to move to He Xin’s previous position. Please don’t rush ahead with no afterthought for the situation at hand. He broke formation and disregarded order and look where it got him.” Feng Hai dutifully obeyed and got into a nice cosy position utilizing the console as cover.

Then, the Namurr returned. Once more, it tried to outflank someone on the left, but this time it was Feng Hai and this time would go very differently. Several shots were fired, and though one hit, it glanced off his armour. The Namurr wasn’t done yet though, moving unseen behind Feng Hai, the Namurr moved behind the building immediately behind him and to the front and left of the fireteam Lie Ren was leading. The Namurr tried again and fired! “Does she not get tired of this?” Feng Hai considered, as the other shot that hit him again glanced off his armour.
“Dong Fa, could you end her misery?” Feng Hai asked the aggravated sniper. “Oh damn right I can!”
And Dong Fa delivered, shooting the Namurr through the back of her head, eliminating the attempted flanking manoeuvre.

Feng Hai then reinitialize the camouflage and ran up to blast the face off that Janissary with a point-blank shotgun blast. The remaining Hortlak seemed to be cowering in fear on the ground. “No matter. He won’t interfere, and I will still have a chance to end him.” Feng Hai ruminated as the Janissary wielding the HMG fell to the ground. “It also seems they have a civilian with them. Unwise to leave her unprotected, but I can still bring her in for interrogation!” Feng Hai proceeded to move up and once more open fire at point-blank range, this time on the cowering Hortlak. “He is wounded, but not dead dammit!” The Hortlak proceeded to run as fast as his blood-covered legs would carry him, leaving the civilian behind.
“Let him.” Lie Ren ordered. “We are meant to defend this area, not pursue any routed remnants of enemy forces. Besides, he might die of exsanguination before he gets to his friends.”

With that, the recovery of bodies ensued. It had not been without bloodshed, but the defense of the quarry yet holds and that is worth any and all of their lives.

Haqqislam wins the roll-off and takes first turn. The Yu Jing commander is left with deployment and chooses for the Haqqislam commander to deploy on this side of the board, and to do so first.
The board as viewed from the Yu Jing side.
Haqqislam deployment: The Haqqislam commander deploys a fireteam consisting of a Namurr on the left of the roof, a Janissary Akbar doctor in the middle and a Janissary with a HMG on the right. Below in each corner in the front in the building (in cover) are placed two Hortlak Janissaries with SMG's in cover. (not pictured here)
Haqqislam deployment continued: The Haqqislam commander deploys Tarik Mansuri (Ratnik) behind the heating unit just outside the Haqqislam deployment zone.
Yu Jing deployment: The Yu Jing commander deploys a Zhencha hacker (Camo marker 1) behind the building in the upper part of the picture as well as a warcor and a Chayi Yaokong on the roof of the building in the bottom of the picture.
Yu Jing deployment continued: In the middle of the Yu Jing deployment zone, the Yu Jing commander deploys a fireteam consisting of a Haidao sniper, a Zhanshi paramedic, a Shang Ji with spitfire (next picture), a Zhanshi Forward Observer (next picture) and a Zhanshi lieutenant (next picture).
The previously mentioned Zhanshi lieutenant (upper right corner), Zhanshi Forward Observer (middle) and Shang Ji with spitfire (upper left corner)
Yu Jing deployment continued: On the right flank, the Yu Jing commander deploys a Zhencha Forward Observer (Camo marker 2) and the Yu Jing HVT in the corner close by.
HqI turn 1: The Haqqislam commander has Tarik Mansuri combat jump to the roof of the building left of the middle of the board and fires on the Hulang, wounding it. Tarik then proceeds to move a bit forwards, before combat jumping again and shooting the Hulang whilst mid-air, killing the Hulang.
HqI turn 1 continued: After killing the Hulang, Tarik moves into the house containing the Yu Jing fireteam, dividing his shots between the Shang Ji (YJ datatracker) and the Zhanshi Lieutenant. Though the Shang Ji dies, Tarik is downed from return fire from the Zhanshi lieutenant.
Yu Jing turn 1: The Yu Jing commander has the Haidao peek out from cover and retreat back after shooting, targeting the Hortlak that he can see, killing it but getting wounded (NWI) from return fire from the HMG Janissary. The Namurr successfully prones herself.
Yu Jing turn 1 continued: The Haidao peeks and shoots again, this time against the Janissary HMG and only one shot hits. The Janissary HMG goes prone.
Yu Jing turn 1 continued: Previously mentioned NWI Haidao sniper.
Yu Jing turn 1 continued: The Zhencha Forward Observer on the right flank utilizes climbing plus to climb up on the roof of the building on his left and activates the heating unit in the Yu Jing deployment zone (gold box) before moving on.
Yu Jing turn 1 continued: The Zhencha Forward Observer moves from the console on the right flank to the console in the middle (companion cube) to better respond to any threats trying to move to the right flank or if the left flank starts to falter. Lastly, if necessary this Zhencha could hack the console.
HqI turn 2: The Haqqislam commander orders his fireteam forwards, and attempts to discover and outflank the Zhencha hacker. It is successful, but only one shot of 10 hits the Zhencha and the Zhencha is now NWI.
HqI turn 2 continued: The previously mentioned Zhencha hacker who is now NWI.
Yu Jing turn 2: Seeing the majority of the enemy fireteam without cover, the Yu Jing commander decides to peek with the Haidao to view only one of the two possible targets at a time, beginning by shooting and killing the Janissary Akbar Doctor and with a second order, wounding the Namurr.
Yu Jing turn 2: Hoping to capitalize on the weakened and now also broken state of the enemy fireteam (the Namurr who lead it moved to cover after getting hit and moved out of 8 inches from the rest of the team) the Yu Jing commander re-camos the Zhencha hacker and moves into the building next to him, trying to shoot the Hortlak from the door, but gets killed by return fire. After this failure, the Yu Jing commander moves the Zhencha Forward Observer from the middle console to the console on the left flank to plug the gap. It is also in this turn that the Yu Jing commander uses an order to have the Zhanshi Lieutenant shoot and kill the downed Tarik Mansuri.
HqI turn 3: Desperate for any sort of gain, the Haqqislam commander moves the Namurr to outflank the Zhencha Forward Observer that is now on the console and successfully gets a hit in, but armour takes it. The Haqqislam commander then moves the Namurr behind the building behind the Zhencha Forward Observer, shooting at him through the two windows, once more hitting the Zhencha, though the armour takes it again. The Haqqislam commander uses his remaining order (lieutenant order) to make the Hortlak go prone but does not put it in cover. On the following Yu Jing turn, the Haidao sniper shifts across the roof with cover and shoots the Namurr, killing it.
Yu Jing turn 3 sort of continued: After the Namurr is killed, the Zhencha Forward Observer re-camouflages and runs up to point blank range of the Janissary with the HMG. The Janissary delays, and the Zhencha moves closer. Next order is spent of a surprise shot, killing the Janissary with HMG. Afterwards, the Zhencha Forward Observer moves to cover against the remaining Hortlak, wounding but not killing it. As the Zhencha is within 8 inches of the enemy HVT, the Yu Jing commander declares the securing of the enemy HVT. With this, Yu Jing wins the battle 7-2 due to Yu Jing killing more points (3), killing the enemy datatracker (2), activating a heating unit (1) and securing the HVT (1) and Haqqislam killing the enemy datatracker (2).

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